6 Most Maddeningly Expensive Hotels In India!

We all belong to the category of people who make snide comments on those who like to eat at expensive restaurants. We tend to believe that expensive food is crass, over-priced and honestly why so spend so much money on just food?
But have you ever wondered why certain places are friggin’ expensive? Why are people ready to spend that kind of money? And, maybe just for once, we all want to visit a luxe restaurant for an exuberant experience….
So, here are 6 most expensive hotels in India, which will definitely burn holes in your pockets. Or maybe, you won’t have pockets at all, who knows?

1.Orient Express – Taj Palace

1 Expensive PlacesFor food lovers, Delhi is the place to be. While the city is extremely popular for the plethora of street foods it has to offer, there are also several high-end restaurants the Indian capital has to offer. One such place is Orient Express by Taj Palace. It has an Orient Express vibe, and the interiors are quite similar to that of a European train. Its vibe, décor and food, everything shouts luxury. With their soufflés and wine, this place will cost you around 12k.

2.Wasabi by Morimoto

2 Expensive PlacesWhen we speak of expensive restaurants, Mumbai is perhaps a city that immediately comes to our minds. Luxury and Mumbai often go hand-in-hand. Wasabi by Morimoto, Taj Mahal Palace in Colaba is breathtakingly beautiful. Be it their Steamed Kaisou or Spicy Salmon Sushi Rolls, this place has much to offer to those who love to experiment with food. The view of the Arabian Sea and the Gateway of India just adds a different kick to this place. Wasabi will cost you around 12k for two people.

3.Bukhara – ITC Kakatiya

3 Expensive PlacesITC Kakatiya is a pioneer in the food industry. Its brand is extremely well-known and is quite trusted among us Indians. So it is no shocker that Bukhara, a product of ITC Kakatiya is quite famous for its ambience and food. Bukhara is a place which is known for its great North Indian food. Authentic, delicious and palatial, this is the place for all those who love desi meals. Its ambience has a rustic and earthy vibe, making it very Indian. Bukhara will cost you around 8k for a meal.

4.Taj Falaknuma Palace

4 Expensive PlacesHyderabad has its very own Taj Falaknuma Palace. Swanky, upmarket and ornate this place is ideal for a romantic date. If fine dine and wine is what you are looking for, there is nothing better than Falaknuma. Rich and delicious Nizam food is served here and their biryani is worth dying for. Adaa and Celeste are the dining restaurants in the palace, and we promise they will provide you with a fairytale experience. Costing around 8-10k, Taj Falaknuma Palace has an amaze-balls view.

5.Bayview, Taj Fisherman’s Cove Resort And Spa

5 Expensive PlacesBayview is not your regular restaurant. Located in Kovalam, Chennai, this place is famous amongst the locals for its piquant seafood. It is right on the sea-shore and if you are looking for a romantic getaway, Bayview has to be your one-stop destination. Their menu is traditional and you ought to try Masala fried Nethli, Grilled Lobster, and Kozhi Curry. They also have a variety of desserts that are worth dying for. Great view, pleasant ambience and delectable food, nothing can get better than a dining experience with Bayview. It will cost you around 6k.

6.Ocean – The Private Dining Room, Sahara Star

6 Expensive PlacesPrivate dining has become a thing now, but Ocean was responsible for spearheading this. Ocean, true to its name feels like you are dining right in the middle of an ocean. Their menu is diverse and has so much to offer that it is crazy. Asian, Indian, Thai, Chinese, Mediterranean, name the cuisine and they have. With its spectacular ambience and moreish spread, few places offer an experience like the Ocean, Mumbai. It is the most expensive hotel on the list and will cost you around 30,000 for two. But, Ocean is worth every penny of yours.

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