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Movie names with numbers!

1- Nenokkadine Movie, 24 Movie, 3 Movie, Aa Naluguru Movie, 180 Movie, 100% love Movie, 7th sense Movie, Khaleja Movie, Dhruva Movie

1. 1- Nenokkadine1movie-names-with-numbersHe is the only 1 person who believes in himself. He solely figures out reality from the hallucinated mind he ought to have.

2. 242movie-names-with-numbersRoju lo 24 hours ante..roju motham mana chetilo unte ela untado telusa?? This is about a watch that can toggle not just time but our life in time too!

3. 33movie-names-with-numbersLife lo 3 stages, manishi lo 2 personalities, jeevitham lo 1 love.

4. Aa Naluguru4movie-names-with-numbersNaluguru ante society lo janam, intlo manam and manalni chanipoyaka mose vaallu annatto the movie portrayed. This movie talks about a man who is always worried about ‘Naluguru’ in the society and has a big helping hand.

5. 1805movie-names-with-numbersThis is about mana hero who has 180 days left in his life. Pelli ainaka telusukuntadu ee nijam and tana wife ki cheppaleka vellipothadu to India where he meets a friend who falls in prema with hero and he decides to flee to another place.

6. 100% love6movie-names-with-numbersLife lo, love lo and marks lo 100% kosam strive chese iddaru manushula katha idi.

7. 7th sense7movie-names-with-numberWe have 6 senses that we know and that we use. But this film talks about 7th sense, Genetic Memory.

8. Khaleja8movie-names-with-numbersDevudu gurinchi cheppe ee movie lo where are numbers ani thinking uh?? Look closely at the logo! It says 4+3+2=9. This is mana cute boy, Mahesh’s lucky number.

9. Dhruva9movie-names-with-numbersWe are still in question marks about the number 8 in their logo! Let’s keep guessing till the movie releases. What is your guess on it?? Comment and let us know!

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