Movies That Come With Innovative Strategies For Promotions


Movie entha baga direct chesina, entha pedda star cast unna, the most important thing is promotions. Adi sariga lekapotey, a effect movie result meda padutundi. Mana Tollywood lo same strategies follow avakunda, kontamandi team innovative strategies tho movies promote chesaru and almost success ayaru. Check out the list:

1. Nene Raju Nene Mantri1 Kothaga Sarikothaga...This is the first Indian film to get 3D Augmented Reality (AR) motion posters. AR technology use chesi, Jogendra and Radha posters create chesaru. And also oka lightweight app ani Appstar ane danni create chesaru. It is all about to reveal thrilling aspects of the lead characters.

2. Selfie Raja2 Kothaga Sarikothaga...ChangeMovie promotions tho baganga, Allari Naresh released Vijaya Mallya tho oka selfie upload chesadu and hype create chesadu.

3. Arjun Reddy3 Kothaga Sarikothaga...ChangeE movie gurinchi pratyekamga cheppanavasaramledu. From releasing the kissing scene of the lead cast in the name of acting workshop and using crass and mean words during interviews. They did some bold kind of promotions for this movie.

4. Supreme4 Kothaga Sarikothaga...ChangeMovie release aina first week lone, Supreme cast did a special screening in single theaters for physically challenged.

5. Run5 Kothaga Sarikothaga...ChangeFor this movie, the producers of Run oka contest open chesaru. It is for the viewers, who could make their video out of a song from the film. E contest ki prize entante, best video ni film end lo include chestanu ani.

6. Adhugo6 Kothaga Sarikothaga...ChangeE movie inka release avvaledu, but kani e movie announce chesetappude oka pig-let main lead character ani cheppi, oka sensation create chesadu Ravi Babu.

7. Venkatapuram7 Kothaga Sarikothaga...ChangeTo trigger the excitement of audience, e movie release ayyaka makers oka 9 minutes scenes Youtube lo release chesaru and adi chala impact create chesindi.

8. Pathashaala8 Kothaga Sarikothaga...ChangePaathshala is the first Telugu movie to have successfully used Facebook for the selection of cast of the crew. Entire activity Facebook page create chesi organise chesaru. During this activity, the Facebook fan numbers increased from 30 to 29000 within a span of 2 weeks and created a huge buzz among the youth.

9. Jai Lava Kusa9 Kothaga Sarikothaga...ChangeOka movie ki teaser release cheyadam chala common, but induloni Jr NTR three shades ni three different teasers tho release chestu, e movie vidududala kakamunde sensation create chestunaru.

10. Size Zero10 Kothaga Sarikothaga...ChangeFor the first time in Indian Film History, multiple trains used for movie branding. Trains from the South Central Railway which cover the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Tamil Nadu ni movie promotions kosam choose chesaru. Entire stretch Size Zero different posters tho nimpesaru.