Telugu movies that show family togetherness and bonding in the best way possible


Of many countries in the world, India is the one place where family stays together attached and happy. The reasons behind this could the values, morals and ethics we are taught, the closeness we find within the family than others and the happiness we watch by being together. This is one topic where movies just cannot go wrong because there are many scenes in the film that we relate to and have reminiscence. From a very long time, movies with a family story have been made and are always loved by audience. Here are a few of them that just made our hearts happy with a very lovely family plot.

1. Seethamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle ChettuFamily_Movies

2. ManamFamily_Movies

3. SantoshamFamily_Movies

4. Mr.PerfectFamily_Movies

5. Shatamanam BhavatiFamily_Movies

6. BommarilluFamily_Movies

7. MurariFamily_Movies

8. Attarintiki DarediFamily_Movies

9. Uyyala JampalaFamily_Movies

10. Ninne PelladathaFamily_Movies

11. Kalisundam RaFamily_Movies

12. S/O SatyamurthyFamily_Movies

13. BrundavanamFamily_Movies

14. Govindudu AndarivadeleFamily_Movies