13 Movies that Entertained us with a Strong Social Message


It’s not all times that a movie needs to be message oriented, but sometimes when it does especially for a society, guess we should take the message it tried to convey and be inspired to be a good citizen. Be it Telugu or Tamil dubbed movies, there are movies that have really addressed some crucial issues the society is struggling with along with great entertainment. While there are far possibilities that the country can change with just a movie, the least that can be done is to be inspired by such movies and try to be a good citizen for the country.

Let’s take a look at those movies that have been of some good inspirational stuff to the Telugu audience.

Tagore1 - Tagore
Leader2 - leader
Bharateeyudu3 - bhaarateeyudu
Prathighatana4 - prathigatana''
Prathinidhi5 - pathinidhi
Evadaithe Nakenti6 - yevadithe nakenti
Aparichutudu7 - aparichitutu
Operation Duryodhana8 - operation
Prasthanam9 - prashtanam
Major Chandrakanth10 - major
Aakali Rajyam11 - akali rajamSrimanthudu13 - sri muthudu
Bharat Ane Nenu12 -bharat