Mushfiqur Rahim Gets Bashed By Twitteratis, Again..! This Time It’s For West Indies Women’s Team..!


Mushfiqur Rahim, the Bangladeshi cricketer who went on to celebrate the victory against India a little too early, and made himself a laughing stock, didn’t back down later on in the tournament. He then exacted revenge for his tragedy, over India’s defeat. He tweeted ( the following ) after India’s loss to West Indies and raked up a huge backlash from Indian supporters for his insensitive statement and non sportive nature. Such inprecedented attack back, prompted him to delete the tweet only an hour later. But hen, too litle too late. Even the apology he issues later on, couldn’t salvage the situation.


Now after only almost a week of that disaster, Mushfiqur Rahim is again in the news for ” inappropriately” addressing West Indies Women Team, on his congratulatory tweet towards their World Cup triumph. And the twitteratis were kinda hoping he would show up, and when he did, they trolled him like never before…

His Tweet Read This :

And The Lash Back Went :


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