14 Roles That Prove Nagarjuna Is The ‘King’ In Experimenting


Nagarjuna is probably one of those very few actors in Telugu cinema who doesn’t give a damn about image or face the so called ‘pressures’ from fans. He is an actor by choice and definitely knows what he needs to do before he completes his role as an actor. By now everyone on social media would have already started praising Nagarjuna for his role in Oopiri, but he has not done this for the first time. Ever since the beginning of his career, he has been constantly delving into different characters without getting monotonous.

If you haven’t noticed this earlier, you are probably in the corner of a store room. Though he had the leverage as a star kid back in those times, it was his smart work through every movie that made him what he is today. And that is the same reason I am writing about him and you are reading about him.

Let’s look back to those times from when Nagarjuna showed his versatility

Geethanjali – An ardent lover1 - Geethanjali

Shiva – A subtly angry young man2 - Shiva

Hello Brother – A dual comedy yet contrast avatars3 - Hello Brother

Ninne Pelladata – Defined the term ‘Greekuveerudu’4 - Ninne Pelladata

Annamaya – A Devotee in trance5 - Annamayya

Aavida Ma Aavide – An innocent and confused husband6 - Aavida Ma Avide

Nuvvu Vastavani – A sacrificing lover7 - Nuvvu Vasthavani

Manmadhudu – If cupid had a form, it would probably look like him8 - manmaduthdu

Super – A Rugged and stylish thief9 - Super

Shirdi Sai – God personified to perfection10 - Shiridi Sai

Rajanna – Rebellious warrior11 -Rajanna

Manam – A cute and a bubbly middle aged orphan12 - manam

Soggade Chinni Nayana – A flirty soul and a nerdy doctor (Dual role)13 - Soggade Chinninayana

Oopiri – A rich paralyzed businessman. Versatility at peaks!14 - Opiri

Raju Gari Gadhi 2 – Waiting for his performance as Rudra15 - Raju Gari Gadhi

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