Naruda DONARuda Movie Review


Naruda Donaruda
Directed by: Mallik Ram
Produced by: Supriya Y and John Sudheer Pudhota
Starring: Sumanth, Pallavi Subhash, Tanikella Bharani, Suman Setty
Music: Saicharan Pakala
Language: Telugu
Production Company/ Banner: Annapurna Studios, Rama Reels.

We all know some sayings, ‘It is never too late’, ‘when it is right, it is right.’ And probably, this is the right time to see some stars back on the screen. Kanyadhanam, Annadhanam are somethings a lot of people do. But Spermdhanam is what is new to the society. It helps all those families who do not have children. Look at this sperm donation in par with the other social activities too. ‘Naruda Donaruda’ runs on this philosophy.

For all you fellows out there who want to keep your eyes on the Telugu star, Sumanth who has come back to movies after a long time, please go to the theatres right now. Sumanth and Pallavi Subash are all set to give us a classic comedy in the form of ‘Naruda Donaruda’. This movie happens to be the remake of a Hindi film, Vicky Donor, starring Ayushmann Khurana and Yami Gautham. The film is directed by Mallick Ram, a debutorial director. Both these films are loosely based on a Canadian French Film, Starbuck.
This predominant Indian actor/producer, Sumanth is known for his works in Telugu Film Industry. Naruda Donaruda is his latest work and is on screens today. Considering his filmography and his success graph, this movie is really important for Sumanth. Having a cluster of not big hits, Sumanth is known for some of his brilliance in movies such as, ‘Sathyam’, ‘Godavari’ and ‘Golconda High School’. Everyone are hoping this film will give the man the success he hops to get.
Pallavi Subash:
Very few know that she is refered to as the ‘Cadbury Girl’ after her work for the ad campaign for Cadbury. She is an Indian film and soap opera actress. She is a Maharashtrian model-turned actress. She has acted in a few Marathi movies and this film is her debut in Telugu Film Industry.

Plot : This movie starts with Dr. Anjaneyulu (Tanikella Bharanai), an infertility specialist looking for a sperm donor finds out Vicky (Sumanth) as a right person. Vicky(Sumanth) is jobless after completing his graduation and is living a carefree and an aimless life. Dr. Anjaneyulu comes to a conclusion that Vicky is helpful after performing test on Vicky’s sperm sample. Dr. Anjaneyulu finally convinces Vicky to turn sperm donor and offers him attractive money. After a while, Vicky gets married to his love interest Aashima Roy (Pallavi Subash). Later Aashima Roy learns that Sumanth is a sperm donor and reacts violently by parting ways with him. What happens next? Watch the movie to know further.

Performances : Sumanth gave his best shot for this role. He looked charismatic and energetic. His presence on screen after a long time was a joy to see. He, however, missed to give a few scenes enough justice. Pallavi Subhash played the role of Yami Gautham. She tried to live in the original character but went a little off with some emotional scenes. Keeping aside the flaws, it was a decent hit by the main leads.
Tanikella Bharina became a huge asset to this movie. His witty timings and some beautiful acting gave uncomfortable scenes a humourous touch. Suman Shetty, and Chalapathi Rao were good in their roles. Cameo appearance by Chaitanya in the end is like peanut butter to a jelly!

Technical work of the movie : Kittu Vissapragada’s and Vidyasagar Rachakonda’s care was beautifully shown in the movie. He trimmed and modified the dialogues to leave alone the humour and take away the vulgarity. The songs had lyrics which went very good with the situations.

Saicharan gave some decent music to the movie. Editing was fine too. They tried to match to the pace of the story. Production values are pretty grand. Direction by Mallik Ram was adequate for the kind of the subject. The film tried giving a good shot but needed more sophistication on every detail


1. Sumanth
2. Tanikella Bharani
3. Comedy
4. Dialogues


1. Nativity issues.
2. Some emotional scenes

Overall : 2.75/5

This film is a watchable remake which surely as entertaining facts keeping aside some flaws.