Neem Health Benefits For Immunity, Hair And Skin


Neem, belonging to Indian origin has been grown and cultivated in India for centuries now. It mentions take place in Ayurveda too, and neem is often considered to complete, perfect and imperishable.  Neem has been used for years almost every day for its medicinal properties. Not just the leaves, but the roots, the branches and the stems all are loaded with various health benefits. And, here are 5 prominent benefits of eating or drinking neem.

  1. Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal

Anti-BacterialNeem’s most important property is that is it anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. They are used to treat feet and hands fungi. Neem leaves are the most effective ways to reduce chickenpox.

2. Good for Bones

2 4When we talk of bones, often just milk comes to our mind. But Neem also is extremely high on calcium. It reduces inflammation in bones and makes them stronger. Often neem oil is recommended to elderly people for any joint pains. Neem is truly good for the bones.

3. Good for Teeth

Good for TeethStrong teeth require calcium in large amounts and neem provides just that. We often find toothpaste with neem as their main ingredient. Also, chewing neem leaves provides fresh breath, increases ph levels, and also maintain oral hygiene.

4. Immunity

ImmunityGreat use of neem leaves is that it boosts the immunity system. Its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties keep diseases at bay. Neem tea, neem capsules are widely recommended by doctors for headache, or body pains.

5. Good for Hair and Skin

Good for Hair and SkinNeem oil is the best choice for great hair and skin. Its compounds add shine and softness to the hair and make your skin look younger.