Follow These Simple Rules : Cracking The Nut Of The NET Exam…!!

The CBSE UGC NET exam is to be run in the objective type from June-December 2016.It is considered as one of the toughest exam in India. Yet if you have proper plan and determination it will be an easy nut to crack. The basic steps to keep in mind while preparing for it are simple. You need to follow this simple mantra to get there right and on time.

Syllabus: Chalk out the whole lot you need to study. Study according to the syllabus and subject chosen. giphy (1)
Planning and implementation: Plan your schedule well in advance. Keep studying according to the plan set. It will keep you stimulated and will set you on target. giphy
Current affairs: keep yourself updated with the news and current affairs. Subscribe to a good newspaper which delivers good news values.giphy (5)
Paper patterns: Keep all the paper patterns in mind. Since the opted subjected carries wide syllabuses try not to skip anything.giphy (4)
Practice: Keep practicing old question papers it will boost your knowledge and gives you an idea of the pattern. Often a few question from past repeat in the examination. giphy (2)
Make notes: while studying make notes. It saves a lot of time while you revise your subject. giphy (6)
Mock tests: It is incredibly mandatory for a NET aspirant to take mock test. It will make you understand where exactly you lack and areas to make progress.giphy (7)
Schedule: Make a suitable schedule of the study hours and the essential curriculum to complete in the given time. Give time to the major and the other paper patterns.giphy (10)
Guidance: Take guidance from the experts and peers about the topics you do not understand. Right guidance and understanding is the key to clear your doubt areas.giphy (11)
Keep track: Keep track of the topics you have covered. Mark them so that it becomes easy for you to evaluate your own self.giphy (12)
All The Very Best..!!

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