Netflix launches its services in India! Bye, bye, CD wale bhaiyya!

World’s premier video streaming, online DVD rental company has launched its services in India, which might mean you can safely watch awesome movies and TV shows without the guilt of watching pirated films.

Started by Reed Hastings in 1997, Netflix began as a rental service that concentrated on premium discs and set itself apart from the regular offerings of home rental stores, which were a huge deal back then. Remember that in 1997, the CD market had just begun to boom, and Netflix was considered a huge risk.

However, the company benefited greatly from positive customer feedback and word of mouth publicity, and also from the rise of video streaming services, and the access to internet that has grown rapidly in the last decade.

Today, Netflix has given rise to various other companies in the same domain, and is looked up as one of the best service providing organizations in the world, and last year, delivered its billionth DVD to a customer. The company boasted of revenues over US$ 5.50 billion in the year 2014 and after much anticipation, has launched its services in India.

Whether Indians will accept Netflix’s services on a large scale is a question that will have to wait to be answered, as we are still moving from cable television to DTH services, even in major cities.

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