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Here’s Why You Should Never Ever Hesitate To Work On Start-Ups


“Start-up” E peru vinagane the first thing which comes into your mind will be “not safe, no job security, Less money, risky”. General ga manchi job unte secured life untundhi ani vintu perigina manam ila anukovadam lo thappu ledhu! Kani today I am going to mention some facts you might not have known about start-ups! Hope this article will be helpful for the people who are interested but hesitated to work on a start-up.

1. India has the third highest number of start-ups in the world.

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2. If you are working on a start-up, the sky is the only limit when it comes to innovation. Failures ni face cheyyadaniki ready ga undali. They should be ready to experiment on something new all the time.

3. Me rules mere create cheskovacchu. Ikkada meeku meere boss. Eh fixed formulas meeru ikkada follow avvalsina pani ledhu because you will be in the driving seat. So meeku e particular idea work out kadhu anipisthe you can switch to another.

4. Start-up lo funding ni problem ga feel avvalsina avasaram present days lo ledhu because today there are multiple seed investors in the country and outside who are ready to fund as much as they like provided your idea is strong.

5. Start-Up gives you complete control over designing and setting a price of your new product. Idhi meeru Inkoka Company lo work chesthunnappudu definite ga work out kadhu because they stick to a particular formula and you can’t work for it.

6. Ecosystem chala important. Although in India you do have developed ecosystem for certain kind of start-ups. If your start-up is all about online shopping or anything to do with e-commerce then it is quite successful.

So these are some of the advantages we have with start-ups. Go ahead if you are planning for a start-up. Hope you enjoyed reading this article.

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