10 North Indian Foods That Are Very Popular In Hyderabad

10 North Indian Foods That Are Very Popular In Hyderabad

Contributed By: Vinitha Vankayalpati

Hyderabad is not just famous for its biryani, but also for its lip-smacking North Indian food. Among the various cuisines that have made their mark on Hyderabad’s culinary landscape, North Indian cuisine holds a special place. In this article, we will explore 10 popular North Indian foods that have become favorites in Hyderabad.

1. Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken is an authentic dish of Delhi. This dish is known for its thickness and creamy texture, which comes from a combination of butter and chicken. It is not only delicious but also high in calories, so if you are conscious about your calorie intake, make sure to take smaller portions. The chicken provides us with lots of protein, while the tomatoes are rich in Vitamin A. Additionally, the spices contain anti-inflammatory properties, and the butter provides a good amount of fat.

If you’re in Hyderabad, you can try this dish at Moti-Mahal Delux in Gachibowli for ₹459 or at Punjabi Affair in Madhapur for ₹399.

2. Chole Bhature

Some claim that the origin of this dish is Delhi, while others attribute it to Uttar Pradesh. However, it is the most popular North Indian dish in Hyderabad. The dish consists of two items: Bhature made with maida and Chole made with chickpeas. Bhature provides carbohydrates, while chickpeas offer fiber and protein.

If you want to taste this dish, you must head to any Haldirams outlet in Hyderabad, which offers it for ₹229, Kulcha Kulture in Madhapur, which offers it for ₹169, or Norfest Dhaba, which offers it for ₹180.

3. Samosa

We have owned this dish as if it originated here. Whether it’s when relatives or friends visit our homes or any day when we feel like having a snack, this dish is a must. However, its origin is from Central Asia and it comes in different varieties, such as corn samosa, onion samosa, paneer samosa, aloo samosa, and many more.

In Hyderabad, you can find the best samosas near Samosa Singh in Banjara Hills. The price ranges from ₹65 to ₹125 for three pieces. You can also try the samosas at the Almond House outlet, which cost ₹28 per piece, and Karachi Bakery outlet, which cost ₹15 per piece.

4. Rajma Chawal

Red kidney beans (rajma) and rice (chawal) are cooked in a tasty, spicely-flavored tomato-based gravy to make the well-known North Indian meal Rajma Chawal. It serves as a complete dinner on its own and is a common staple in many North Indian homes. With a lot of protein, fiber, and complex carbohydrates, Rajma Chawal is a satisfying and nutrient-dense dish. Both lunch and dinner can be had with it, and it is a fantastic source of energy. It’s a dish that can be adapted to suit different tastes and is very adaptable.

You can try this dish at Bikanerwala in Banjara Hills at a cost of ₹225.

5. Dal Makhani

Another dish from Delhi is Dal Makhani. This staple dish consists of Urad Dal and Butter as key ingredients. This can be taken with a combination of rice or any roti/nan. The Urad dal is a rich source of proteins and butter is loaded with healthy fats. This dish is also an invention from Moti-Mahal which invented Butter Chicken. If you want to have a good amount of proteins this is a must-try dish.

You can check out this dish at Moti-Mahal Delux in Gachibowli at a cost of ₹349 and at Bikanerwala in Banjara Hills at a cost of ₹340.

6. Tandoori Chicken

This juicy chicken variety is prepared by marinating the chicken with lots of spices and curd. After marinating we will cook this chicken in a special oven called as Tandoor. This dish is served with mint chutney at many North-Indian restaurants and Mughlai Kitchen. As we have spices they provide inflammatory properties while chicken provides lots of proteins. This dish often opts as a starter.

Best Tandoori chicken is available at Grill 9 for ₹200.

7. Paneer Tikka

Paneer is an emotion for many vegetarians. This dish Paneer Tikka is often chosen as a veg starter by many foodies. It is made by marinating paneer with curd, spices and lemon. This marinated paneer is then grilled along with some veggies. This dish is rich in protein and is a delicious one to try. This is often served with mint chutney and some salad.

Best Paneer Tikka can be tried at Grill 9 outlet at a cost of ₹190, Kritunga outlet for ₹334 and 10 Downing Street in Kompally for ₹260

8. Palak Paneer

Another popular dish from North India is Palak Paneer. This dish is often served along with rice or butter naan. This dish has two main ingredients, one is spinach and the other one is paneer. This dish also contains a good amount of ghee in it. Paneer is a rich source of protein and Spinach is a rich source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Iron. So if you want to have a healthy meal this one is a good option.

Best Palak Paneer can be tried at Santosh Dhaba for ₹200 and Haveli Darbar for ₹275.

9. Ras Malai

Who wouldn’t know this popular sweet from West Bengal. This sweet is made with milk and a type of cheese balls. Ras Malai is a delicious dessert that is loved for its soft, creamy texture and sweet, aromatic flavor. This dish contains a lot of nuts such as almonds and pistachios. This sweet can be found on display at any sweet shop in Hyderabad.

If you want to taste this Ras Malai you must head to Karachi Cafe for ₹38 per piece.

10. Kachori

After Samosa, another popular snack is Kachori. This is made with maida and stuffed with besan, potatoes, and onions based on our choice. This snack is served with a sweet savory made with tamarind and jaggery. The flaky nature of the outside and the soft nature of inside the snack makes it a go-to snack for many.

Try Raj Kachori from Haldirams for ₹52 and Sri Balaji Ganesh Mitai Bandar in KPHB for ₹15.

Hyderabad is a food lover’s paradise, and North Indian cuisine has undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping the city’s culinary identity. From savory snacks to hearty meals, the North Indian food scene in Hyderabad offers something for everyone. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, make sure to try out these 10 popular North Indian dishes and experience the rich and diverse flavors of Hyderabad.

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