Notorious Interpretations Of Your 5 Favorite Songs


By Aliza Virani

One day while walking down a drizzling street I fell upon this quote “Behind every Favorite Song, there is an Untold Story”. From that day to today, I have focused each part of my soul to listening to the words and understanding this STORY.

Here, Wirally brings to you 5 songs that definitely mean more than what they appear to be.

Disclaimer: I absolutely love these songs and the following is just a notorious interpretation of those:

1. Tum Hi Ho – Aashiqui 2:

Tum Hi Ho

Mithoon and Irshad have compiled this beautiful track, Arijit has given it much soul and Aditya bowled us over with his portrayal, but did I hear “Mein jo mit bhi gaya toh wajood mera, sadaa tujhmein rahe zinda”. All I’d say is #Double MeaningAlert #DoubleMeaningAlert

2. Pinga – Bajirao Mastani:


Didn’t PeeCee declare herself the “First Wife” and Dips the “Rakhel” and the entire superiority drama just one scene before the Pinga song frame? So Kashi Bai says, “I declare superiority and then I dance with you on a few verses in your praise?” *Cough* *Hypocrisy* *Cough*

3. Tujhe Bhula Diya – Anjaana Anjaani:

Tujhe Bhula Diya

This song is a clear scene of “making love” to your ex’s picture. I mean, can you make any better sense of “Kaali kaali khaali raaton se hone lagi hai dosti, khooya khooya inn raaho mein ab mera kuch bhi nahi”?

4. DJ Wale Babu – Badshah:

DJ Wale Babu Badsh

This is the most comprehensive example of a stubborn and mediocre Kid. Here we have Badshah offering to make her a Star, shower her with Champagne and literally form a Government for her. But here we have this woman (Oh So Dumb!), wanting him to play good Music for her. Woman, Innocence Fooleth’ Thee.

5. Loocha – e – Ulfat – 2 States

Loocha – e – Ulfat – 2 States

A shout out to all our Lazy-in-Bed peeps out there! This song was clearly written for you. Here we have our very own Arjun Sahab confessing “Armaan toh jaage, mein magar sogaya!” Wait, How, What, Why? Not discussing this *Period*.

Have anymore songs on your mind that fill this Bill? Add them in the comments section. Be the Giggle Rippler of your group #Share.