Nutella Biryani Goes Viral On The Net And The Netizens Can’t Stop Talking About It!

‘Pineapple on a Pizza’
‘Corona Pakoda’
‘Kurkure Milkshake’

If you thought these are the weirdest food combinations ever, then hold your breath as this lockdown has ruined one of our favourite foods for us. A rather bizarre picture of Nutella Biryani has gone up online and we are cringing about the picture.

Image (6)There are great food combinations that exist, their fusion of flavours makes a dish unique, delicate and palatable. And then you have some foods that just do not go well together. The whole concept of eating them together doesn’t sound appetizing or interesting. And we might as well as end up wondering why those combos were invented in the first place. One such combination was the Nutella Biryani which blew up the net.

Image (4)This combo was greeted with much hate, disgust and anger. Some biryani lovers went to the extent of puking after seeing the picture. Such is the love for biryani. This Facebook post was followed by several memes and some even called the chef behind this fusion downright mad. Angry netizens called this fusion a blasphemy some said that this was a crime and the person behind this dish should be arrested.
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Some people also rose their voices against food wastage, and how experiments like these will only further lead to wasting too much food (honestly, who would eat a combination like this?) Yes, we love Nutella. It is one of our favourite midnight snacks. Nutella surely makes everything better, but biryani? Nah!
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This lockdown sure lead people to try cooking and add their innovation to the food. But messing up with our favourite biryani? We just cannot accept this. It is our bae and nobody should ruin that for us. Period!

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