Oora Mass Records Of ‘Indra’, One Of The Most Electrifying Movie In Megastar’s Career

‘Mokke kada ani peekesthe peeka kostha’ ee dialogue ippatiki manam vaaduthune untam. Aa dialogue impact alantidi mari, inka cheppali ante aa dialogue cheppina vyakthi valla aa dialogue impact unko 1000 times perigindi. Indra movie mass audience ki vindu bhojanam, okata renda okadani taruvatha okati elevations paduthune untai. So ee oora mass entertainer create chesina konni smashing records ento chuddam padandi……

1) Indra went on to become the highest grossing Telugu film of all time.

1 Indra2) The film had collected a distributors’ share of Rs. 80 million in its opening week.

2 Indra3) The movie grossed a worldwide total of 45 crores with 39 crores from Andhra/TS itself.

3 Indra4) Indra was the 2nd highest grossing Indian film of 2002 after Shahrukh Khan’s Devdas.

4 Indra5) Indra was the 3rd highest grossing south Indian film after Indian and Padayappa.

5 Indra6) Indra’s records was never touched by another south Indian film until Chandramukhi which came in 2005.

6 Indra7) Mahesh’s Pokiri which came in 2006 broke the records set by Indra. For four years Indra remained as the undisputed king at the box office.

7 Indra8) Indra had a 50-day run in 151 centres, including nine in Karnataka and two in Odisha.

8 Indra9) Indra had a 100-day run in 98 centres, including four in Karnataka

9 Indra10) Indra celebrated 175-day run in 32 centres including a 227-day run in Satyam theatre, Adoni.

10 Indra

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