Organising a party? Here are some celebrity ‘Riders’ you should know of

People like to have their favorite things around them, so is the case with celebrities when it comes to their dressing room and tour buses. Then again they’re celebrities and people have no option but to abide by their demands. Each one comes with a list of their own, for some celebs the lists runs into more than just a couple of pages. They want what they want in the exact manner and order. For instance Janet Jackson wants black roses everywhere around her.

Some of the outrageous and extreme demands by these celebrities are listed down. They’re so specific that even the number of water bottles is a part of the list.

Beyonce Source
Coldplay Source
Eminem Source
James Blunt Source
Jay Z Source
Kanye West Source
Katy Perry Source
Lil Wayne Source
50 Cent Source
Adele Source
Madonna Source
Mariah Carey Source
Nicki Minaj Source
P Diddy Source
Prince Source
Rihanna Source
Taylor Swift Source
Will Ferrell Source

This is just the tip of the iceberg celebs make many more requirements and organizers spoil with it. They’re extremely fussy and rigid about their requests.

The brilliant creatives are made by the super creative designer Pratik Ghawale.

Information source Famefocus and Bitrebels

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