Paleo Diet: What Is It? Why Is It So Popular?

Good and balanced nutrition is perhaps one of the most important factors for the well-being of your body. A healthy diet is a pre-requisite for maintaining weight. It is also important for the functioning of body organs and essential for a good heart. A healthy diet also prevents several diseases and boosts the immunity system.

Losing weight today is very easy as there are several diet plans available for us out there. From fat deficit to carb deficit diet plans, studies show how these diet plans affect our bodies and health. And, one such diet plan which is gaining immense popularity is the Paleo Diet.

So, What is Paleo Diet?

Image (7)Paleo diet is typically a diet plan, in which foods that have been eaten in the Paleolithic age like vegetables, fruits and meat are taken. The palaeolithic diet limits the food you can consume as you can eat foods that were cultivated during that era only. Paleo diet is also popularly known as Stone-Age diet or Caveman diet.

What is the purpose of this diet?

Image (11)Paleo diet aims to make people go back to their roots. Eat what has always been a part of their food cycle. It puts a hold on the fancy or man-made foods that we consume regularly. It also prevents people from eating unhygienic food or junk food. Today, rapid changes which are taking place in our food sector causing us to over-eat, leading to several diseases and obesity.

What are the foods to eat in a Paleo diet?

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Nuts and Seeds
  • Lean Meats
  • Fish rich in Omega-3-fatty acids
  • Oils from Fruits and Nuts

What are the foods to avoid?

Image (9)Grains like Wheat or Oats
Refined Sugar
Sugary and Carbonated Drinks
Processed Foods
Legumes like Peanuts and Peas

What are the pros and cons?

Image (10)Pros: It is easy to follow and might result in a short term weight loss. It also reduces the risk of diseases like diabetes. It cuts down on processed foods and carbonated drinks.
Cons: There is no scientific approach to check how effective this diet is. This form of dieting is also expensive. It also cuts down on several healthy foods like legumes and dairy.

What is the result?

As there is no proper study about Paleo, its benefits or side effects are still mostly unknown. But, some results are visible. As the diet emphasizes exercise, people following this diet are tend to be more active. Apart from weight loss, it also controls blood sugar levels. It also improves glucose levels in the body.

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