People who read a lot will understand


1. She is a topper. Epatki chadutune untadipeople-1Your honour! There is a difference between studying and reading. Memu novels chadutham. Avi chadivi distinction techukolemu

2. She is always with books. She doesn’t go out anywhere.people-2We read novels. It doesn’t mean we do not talk to anyone or go anywhere. Reading out hobby and going out is also one. Do not mix them up.

3. Just like the smell of earth before it rains is awesome, the smell of a new book is so tantalising!people-34. First salary ochindi..inkenti what are you buying yourself?? Clothes or jewellery ??people-4I love spending money on books!!! Duh!!!

5. How can you read while you are eating ??people-5Just like you can break the rules and talk on phone while driving!

6. We note down a very very long list of what to read next in our phones or computers.people-6

7. You know what?! Nenu ee place ki vellanu yestersay and it happened like……..blah blah.people-7Same ilage untadi this book lo!!! *weird looks at you*

8. Life lo atleast once Switzerland ki vellali asalu. Entha bauntadi!!!!people-8

Algae we need to go to Austria also. Akada famous library undi… super untadi!!!!!
***champeshe looks at you***

9. Life lo maaku annitikante difficult phrase comes when we have to go somewhere and book ni close cheyyali !!!people-9