From Zoopark To to Chowmahalla Palace: 10 Places You Must Visit Near Charminar

From Zoopark To to Chowmahalla Palace: 10 Places You Must Visit Near Charminar

Contributed By: Vinitha Vankayalapati

Are you considering visiting Charminar and seeking unique locations close to explore? You are therefore in for a feast! The region around Charminar is full of undiscovered treasures, from the lovely Salar Jung Museum to the photogenic Chowmahalla Palace. There is something here for everyone, whether they are history buffs, nature lovers, or spiritual seekers. We’ve produced a list of the best ten locations close to Charminar in this article, including the historic State Central Library, the peaceful Mecca Masjid, and the luxurious Chowmahalla Palace. So prepare to discover the best that Charminar’s surroundings offer by packing your bags, grabbing your walking shoes, and getting out there!

1. Salar Jung museum

Salar Jung Museum, a well-known museum on the banks of the Musi River, is only 2.7 kilometers from the Charminar and is one of the biggest museums of art in the entire world. The museum was originally situated in a location called “Dewan Devdi,” but it was later moved to its current location, which is called “Dar-ul-Shifa.” It’s believed that during the relocation, half of the art collections were stolen. The Telangana government and the board of trustees are in charge of running the museum. The cuckoo clock, which is a favorite of visitors of all ages, is the biggest attraction. There are other items as well, including furniture, fabric collections, and sculptures. Various collections on various works of art are available in these galleries. One of the galleries is devoted to science, and one of them even has several kinds of mirrors. The 38 galleries that are featured in the museum can be seen entirely in 2 to 3 hours. Hence, get ready to witness these incredible art galleries.

Timings: 10 am to 5 pm, closed on Friday.
Ticket Price: 50 rupees per head

2. State Central Library

The State Central Library, which is one of India’s largest libraries, is located just 2.3 km from Charminar. It is equipped with a vast collection of books and scripts in English, Telugu, Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, Persian, Tamil, Kannada, and Marathi languages. Initially, the library was located near Abids, but it was later shifted to Afzalgunj. The arch of the library depicts the architectural values of the Nizam. The library has two different styles of architecture: the lower half is of Hindu architecture, and the upper half is of Islamic architecture. There are approximately more than 5 lakh books in different languages. The library has also initiated the networking and digitalization of many books and newspapers printed during Nizam’s rule. This library is ideal for research scholars and people who have an interest in old books.

Timings: Every day from 08:00 AM to 08:00 PM
Ticket Price: Free for everyone

3. Jumeraat Bazaar

The famous bazaar in Hyderabad, called Jumerat Bazaar or Chor Bazaar, is located only 3.4 km away from Charminar. This old bazaar has a history of 100 years and opens its doors as early as 3 am, closing by 10 am, exclusively on Thursdays. People flock here to buy various items such as utensils, toys, cycles, footwear, clocks, clothes, and even electronics at the lowest prices possible. You name it; they have it! However, be cautious as scams are prevalent. Let’s explore this unique bazaar and experience shopping like never before!

Timings: On Thursday from 3 AM to 10 AM.
Ticket Price: Free for everyone

4. Mecca masjid

Welcome to the beautiful Mecca Masjid, a famous Muslim mosque with a long history and located in the heart of Hyderabad. It is located at a distance of 250 m from Hyderabad. This famous structure has served as a representation of the city’s extensive religious and cultural heritage for more than 400 years. The Mecca Masjid, however, is more than just a piece of art; it is a place of worship for the Muslim community. Since it has been a place of worship for so long, this mosque is open to anybody looking for peace of mind. The Muslim prayer call, also known as the Azaan, echoes throughout the mosque, welcoming the devout to participate. This mosque is surrounded by lots of pigeons, and many local shops which have a wide variety of bangles, jewelry, and many more. A visit to this mosque is a must-do if you’ve ever had the chance to travel to Hyderabad.

Timings: 4:00 AM – 9:30 PM
Ticket: No entry Free

5. Chowmahalla Palace

For anyone interested in the history and culture of Hyderabad, Chowmahalla Palace, which is only less than 1 km from Charminar, is a must-visit. This splendid castle, which served as the Nizams of Hyderabad’s official residence for a time, is renowned for its stunning architecture and royal charm. The Durbar Hall, the palace’s central focus and site of numerous royal events and rituals, is without a doubt the X factor of Chowmahalla Palace. There are also other fascinating exhibits and displays of royal treasures that are sure to astound you.

Timings: 10 AM to 5 PM, closed on Friday
Entry Free: INR 100 per person

6. Purani Haveli

For people who are interested in Hyderabad’s history, a must-visit location is Purani Haveli, which is only 2 km from Charminar. This stunning palace was constructed in the 18th century as a home for the Nizam family and is now a museum. The unique feature of this location is the Nizam family’s outstanding collection of vintage vehicles, which includes a Rolls Royce Silver Ghost, a Cadillac, and a Jaguar. You can also see the Nizam family’s personal items, such as their clothing, furniture, and jewelry.

Timings: 10:30 AM to 5 PM
Ticket Price: INR 100 per person

7. Sudha Cars Museum

The Sudha Vehicles Museum is around 3.6 km from Charminar. The collection of bizarre cars that are not only functional but also constructed from unusual materials is what distinguishes this location. This museum, which Mr. K. Sudhakar, a self-taught mechanic, is proof of his brilliance and originality. Visitors to the museum can get a guided tour while marveling at the odd automobiles on show. The Crazy Vehicles Museum is the place to go if you want a unique and entertaining experience.

Timings: 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM
Ticket Price: INR 100 per person

8. Char Kaman

Those interested in the city’s rich cultural past must visit Char Kaman, a historic monument that is about 2 kilometers from Charminar. The four arches that support the building are referred to by the term “Char Kaman,” which translates to “four arches.” The monument, which was constructed during the reign of Qutub Shahi, served as the entrance. Its magnificent design and complex carvings, which are a monument to the craftsmanship of the artists who made it, are what set Char Kaman apart. While they appreciate the building and wonder at its history, visitors can anticipate being whisked back in time.

Timings: No Timings
Ticket Price: Free for everyone

9. Mahboob Chowk Clock tower

You cannot ignore the huge towers that dominate Hyderabad’s skyline as you travel through its crowded streets. This clock tower is not only a work of art from a view, but they also represent the city’s focus on time. The Mahboob Chowk Clock Tower is one such clock tower that stands out proudly and tall at a distance of 500 m from Charminar. The Mahboob Chowk Clock Tower, which was constructed in 1892, has survived the test of time quite literally. This clock tower has been ticking away for more than 131 years, educating Hyderabad’s residents about the importance of time. The Mahboob Chowk Clock Tower makes sure that everyone in the area is aware of the time, regardless of where they are going, by positioning clocks on all four sides. It is no wonder that this clock tower has become a beloved landmark of the city, a testament to its rich cultural heritage.

Timings: No Timings.
Ticket Price: Free for everyone.

10. Nehru Zoological Park

The Nehru Zoo Park was established in 1959 and officially opened as a zoo in 1963. Covering an area of 380 acres, the park is located approximately 3.6 km from Charminar. The zoo aims to ensure the welfare of its animals by allowing them to roam freely within designated areas. Visitors can explore the park via vehicles or a toy train, which provides an informative tour. The zoo is home to a diverse range of animals, such as Indian rhinoceroses, Bengal tigers, Asiatic lions, white tigers, pythons, crocodiles, monkeys, deer, giraffes, hippopotamuses, various types of cats, and bears. Additionally, visitors can enjoy the butterfly park, which boasts more than 20 species of butterflies. With over 1000 animals, the zoo is a major attraction for animal lovers. The nocturnal animal house is also worth a visit, where visitors can see animals that are active at night. Lastly, the lion Safari park is another popular feature of the zoo. So don’t miss this beautiful Zoo Park.

Timings: 08:00 AM to 05:30 PM
Ticket Price: INR 60 per person.

In conclusion, the area around Charminar is a precious treasure of historical and cultural wonders that are likely to awe tourists. The landmark building is just the start of a trip through Hyderabad’s rich history and vibrant present. There is no shortage of unique experiences to be experienced, from discovering the old architecture of the Mecca Mosque to indulging in the lively atmosphere of the Jumeraat Market or admiring the stunning views of Chowmahalla. Put the following 10 places near Charminar on your bucket list if you’re seeking for a spot that offers the ideal fusion of history, culture, and adventure. You won’t be disappointed!

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