Planning For A Dinner Date? Here’s A Guide To Cook A Full Telangana Meal!

Do you miss going out just like we do?
Lunch parties and dinner dates with colleagues, families and friends were a regular thing till the pandemic hit us. It has changed our lifestyles and us millennials have surely picked up great cooking skills, now. Didn’t we?
Hosting a party or planning for a dinner date now mostly is happening around our homes. So why not preparing a full meal of authentic Telangana meals for your loved ones? Here is a guide to prepare a Telangana meal with starters, soups, main course and desserts. Pick up your cooking armour and slay this meal prep right away.


1 Telangana MealSoup is often the start of any good meal. We love or Manchow and Clear soups for sure, but if you are looking for a pakka Telangana soup, then we urge you to try Paya Soup. Made with mutton bones, Paya is a Hyderabadi delicacy and we are obsessed with it. Light on the bellies, Paya is a delight.


2 Telangana MealThere is a range of starters that you can cook for your meal. But since we are going for a full-time meal, let’s go easy on the starters. Hyderabadi Chicken 65 is a classic, right? It is perhaps our most ordered dish and we just cannot do without it. What better than a Chicken 65 to start your meal with? But, if you do not want to eat Chicken 65, you can go for Tangdi Kebabs too. They are the easiest kind of kebabs to work with and common, what is a party without kebabs?


3 Telangana MealWe have arrived at perhaps the most crucial part of our meal. Yes, that’s what we call the main course. For the main course, you can keep it simple and choose a classic Hyderabadi Dum Biryani. You can never go wrong with a biryani. But if you want to experiment with something new and definitely authentic, then we suggest you cook Pacchi Pulusu or Potlakaya Pulusu and Golichina Mamsam and serve it with hot rice.


4 Telangana MealNow, to wash all of this down you need drinks right? You can always choose a soft drink, a mocktail or a cocktail but why not keep even the drinks authentic? Though chai is what most of us are obsessed with, Telangana has more to offer. Here are few options for you to pick from: Roohafza a cooling drink, with rose flavour and dry fruits is delish. If you don’t want to pick a sweet drink, then you can always go for Jal Jeera or Pudina Sharbat. If you are lucky to find any raw mangoes, you can also try Aam Shola, a classic drink made with raw mangoes.


5 Telangana MealWe have arrived at our favourite part of the meal. Desserts are iconic and we love relishing on them. To complete your authentic Telangana meal, end it with Qubaani ka meetha. Or you can also try the glorious Bobbatlu if have you the time and patience to prepare them. Oh, but, they are surely worth it.

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