8 Popular Indian Places Are Compared With Other Countries. Here’s Why

Mana country lo some popular tourist places ni other countries lo unna popular tourist places tho compare chestaru. Cheydame kadu Scotland of India, Switzerland of India ani names tho pilustharu. Assala enduku ila pilustharu ee places ki aa names enduku vacchayi anedi once telusukundham padandi.

1. Coorg called as Scotland of India

CoorgCoorg is a place full of rolling hill stations, greenery with coffee culture and plantations, gushing waterfall, british colonials enchanting forts and palaces tho almost ee place mana Scotland ni resemblance la untundi.

Andhuke Coorg ni ‘Scotland of India’ ga pilustuntaru.

2. Khajjiar – India’s Mini Switzerland

KhajjiarHimachal Pradesh lo unna Khajjiar hill station meadows and dense forest area tho surround aiyyi untundhi. Ikkada minus degrees lo unde climatic conditions, hill stations, lakes, and winter lo aithe snowfall paduthu chudaniki Switzerland lo unnam anela untundhi, andhuke ee place ni ‘Mini Switzerland of India’ antaru.

3. Jaipur – Paris of India

JaipurJaipur ni pInk City ani antaru ani telusu kani ‘Paris of India’ why ante ? This city is one of the oldest cities in India with historical buildings, mahals and so many beautiful tourist attractions and heritage culture which is similar to Paris andhuke ee place ni Paris of India ga compare chestuntaru.

4. Alleppey – Venice of East

Indian PlacesItaly lo unde Venice city mottham antha water paine teluthu untundi. Same ilage mana India lo edaina place undi ante kerala lo unna most beautiful tourist spot aina Alleppey eh. Almost Venice lo lage Alleppey kuda ekkuva water places eh, ekkadiki vellalanna boats lone…andhuke ee place ni Venice of East ga pilustuntaru.

5. Coimbatore called as Manchester of South India

CoimbatoreThe 2nd largest city of Tamilnadu is Coimbatore and ee popular city ni Manchester of South India antaru. Because Manchester is famous for cotton textiles, and care of address for many industries. Just like Manahester mana Coimbatore kuda whole South India lone largest cotton textiles and more than 25,000 companies ki care of address andhuke ee Coimbatore ni ala Manchester tho compare chestaru.

6. Gandikota – The Grand Canyon of India

GandikotaKadapa district lo unna Gandikota ni America lo unna Grand Canyon ki compare chetaru. Because ee tqo place chudadaniki chala similar ga untayi…US lo The Grand Canyon chala pedda tourist place with unique hills and lakes. Same mana Gandikota kuda alane untundhi andhuke ee place ni ‘The Grand Canyon of India’ antaru.

7. Pondicherry – The French Riviera of the East

7 Indian PlacesPondicherry lo French rulers, culture, tradition and colonials prabhavam ekkuva. Olden days lo French people ikkada vacchi undadam, ippatiki aa french culture and nativity ikkada kanipistundi untundhi. Andhuke Pondicherry ni The French Riviera of the East ani pilustharu.

8. Shillong – Scotland of The East India

shillongMost beautiful yet underrated East Indian places lo Shillong okati. Coorg lage Shillong lo lakes, hill stations cottages, climatic conditions tho 24/7, 365 days mist paduthu mini Scotland ni talaipsthu untadhi andhuke ee place Scotland od India ani kakunda Scotland of East India ani peru.


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