Prabhas might make a debut in Bollywood but a little time later


Bahubali is an epic tale that has intrigued excitements in a lot of people. it survived keeping spirits high since more than 2 years and people are now at the verge of explosion after a very long wait for the conclusion. In an interview, ‘Baahubali’ Prabhas to ‘Bhallaladeva’ Rana Daggubati were asked about their future plans. Rana already has made a strong place in Bollywood and Prabhas is yet to make his debut.

A media spokeperson has said that Karan Johar is trying to persuade Prabhas into making a film in his production. When asked Prabhas, he tried to skip the question by answering, “One day I will answer that question.”

Some sources tell that there is a multi-lingual film planned with Prabhas with a budged of a whopping sum of 150 crores that will come in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi.