PV Sindhu Hires Her Close Friend and Fashion Designer, Shravya Varma As Her First Stylist


After making the country proud with her Silver medal, PV Sindhu will look to be busy for the next few days in presenting herself before the press. For this and for the years to come, Sindhu definitely needed a stylist who could present her in the most attractive way. So, she    made a fashionable move. She hired her very first stylist as soon as she got back to the city and she opted for the best . She approached her friend and one of the well known stylist of the industry – Shravya Varma who is known to style big names like Trisha, Rana, RGV movies, Nagarjuna, Lavanya Tripathi, Lakshmi Manchu amongst the others. So yes, we now see a much more polished and groomed version of this already pretty girl soaring high on her success. We are waiting for the stylist to release her pictures in her new avatar.

Shravya Varma took on Twitter to showcase her first design for the Silver Queen.

Shravya Varma just made news by releasing pictures with the national wide star and the hot topic of the nation – PV Sindhu. The two are known to be friends and Shravya being an established stylist in the industry saved the day for the busy Olympic silver medalist by taking over her wardrobe for all her appearances. PV Sindhu could finally take a sigh of relief when her friend and well known stylist of the industry Shravya Varma came to her rescue to provide her with the best looks for the non stop public and press appearances that she has to make for the next couple of days.

We are waiting to see what Shravya has in mind for our golden girl