Rajinikanth’s movies’ have that one song we totally go mad for


One actor who came from the lowest stature and now is ruling film industry in the entire nation is Rajinikanth. He has style that no one can copy and a grace that is inbuilt. When he comes up with a movie, he inspires actors and just rules over the box office. Inthati mahanubavudu movies lo there is just

That one song we sing with utter emotion and go ga-ga for.

1. Kabali – Nippu ra

2. Robo – Inumulo Hrudayam

3. Sivaji – Vaaji Vaaji

4. Chandramukhi – Devuda Devuda

5. Narasimha – Jeevitam ante poratam

6. Baasha – Baasha Chudu

7. Arunachalam – Adera Idera

8. Muthu – Okade Okkadu Monagadu


9. Dalapathi – Singarala