A Hyderabadi has been spending NYE on regulating road traffic since 10 years
What would you do on the 31st night of December to celebrate the New Year?? Partying, fun with family, watch movies, travel or go to concerts, right?? Well, there is a guy in our city, Hyderabad who thinks it is too mainstream to sit in the traffic and cribbing about no one doing anything about this. So, Suresh Raju has just moved to Hyderabad from UK and has lived in Jubilee Hills and worked in Banjara Hills. He has been spending the New Year’s night regulating road traffic in Hyderabad.

Talking to a media-person, he told that it all started when he was stuck in jam one day and decided to get out of the car and clear the traffic instead of spending long hours sitting in the car. And Hyderabad is now under a lot of development and due to this, everyday traffic is just booming. Let the destination be just 2-3 stops away from where you start from, it takes a lot of time to reach due to heavy congestion on roads. This can happen due to various reasons; lack of road sense amongst people, not following speed regulations, a hurry to boost your speed, a lot of autos and taxis, and more and more.

I realized the gridlocks happened only due to the lack of road sense in people. And I’ve seen that this lack of common sense can even lead to loss of life. I get a lot of calls from friends who want to help but then I discourage them. For one, it’s a night for people to have fun and I don’t want to force some social obligation on them. And two, whenever I have had people join me, I feel more worried about them and their safety, than focusing on traffic, so I’d rather work alone. “, says Suresh, who quit his job to focus on working towards better road safety in Hyderabad.

But, by doing this entire regulating road traffic job, how would he enjoy the last evening of a year and welcome the coming year?

He says that he meets a lot of new people and would bump into friends, family and sometimes ends up making new friends. He would receive a lot compliments from various people thanking and appreciating the work he is doing. And nevertheless, he also thinks that he has 364 more nights to party and would love to do this work on that particular night!
Kudos to this man and we wish him all the best and happy endeavors in everything he does.