Raka Rakalaa Social Media Challenges We All Encountered Due To This Never Ending Lockdown

Lockdown lo raka rakala social media challenge lu trend avutunnai konni useful challenge lu unayi konni useless challenge lu unnayi of course evari istam vaaridi. So ee lockdown punyama antu manalni irritate chestu last ki manalni kuda participate chepistunna social media challenge lu ento chuddamaa…

1) Traditional Saree Challenge

Vachindayya sukumari…choo cute

1 Saree Challenge2) Childhood Pic Challenge

Aaat Kamal Hassan

2 Childhood Pic3) Ludo Challenge

Pubg lo enno chicken dinner lu kottina nenu girl bestie ludo anagane chematalu padutunnayi

3 Ludo4) Pillow Challenge

Thanks Payal bcoz of you singles still exist…

4 Pillow5) Be The Real Man Challenge


5 Be The Real Man6) Fitness Challenge

Plank challenge push ups challenge antu what is your none sense

6 Fitness Challenge7) I was challenged by (someone) to post just an image, no poster, no title, no explanation, of 10 movies that had an impact on me. Every day I will nominate a new person to take up the challenge. 10 days, 10 film images, 10 nominations. No explanations.

The most famous challenge ide

7 I Was Challenged8) Dalgona Coffee Challenge

Kaashayam recipe cheppi coffee antaru enti andi…

8 Dolagno9) Safe Hands Challenge

Bollywood celebrities challenge le mana daggariki kuda vachestadi twara lo…ra ra ra pakkana kurcho

9 Safe Hands10) Online Antakshari Challenge

Bollywood actors insta live lo aade antakshari challenge idi…I think ee challenge kuda twara lo tollywood loki vachestadi…

Just imagine Chiranjeevi singing entire Acharya Album in insta live

10 Antakshari

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