5 Unique Ideas To Gift Your Brother On This Raksha Bandhan


Sister and brother strong bond ni celebrate cheskodaniki unna roju Raksha Bandhan. Alanti special day roju, annayyalu manalni kapadatamu life long ani promise chestaru, so sisters kuda valakosam surprise plan chestey chala baguntadi. So, here we are presenting some interesting ideas to gift your brother on Raksha Bandhan.

1. Give him a personalized t-shirt, diary or coffee mug (If he is a coffee lover)1 RakshaBandan

2. Boys love electronic gadgets. If he is elder than you, go for electronic gadget and if he is younger than you, chose some toys.2 RakshaBandan

3. Give him an adventure or an experience. Oka holiday plan cheyandi me brother tho and there book sky diving, parasailing, rock climbing or rappeling for him.3 RakshaBandan

4. Surprise him with a dinner or movie or long ride.4 RakshaBandan

5. Make him a DIY Gift. If he is younger than you, try to prepare cup cakes or any handmade toy.5 RakshaBandan