Why Rana Could Make The Best BATMAN after Ben Affleck….Chills Unlimited!!

Rana shares many similarities to the current Batman Ben Affleck, and is perfectly equipped to take over the mantle from him, if in near future DC and Zack Snyder look beyond the shores and try casting our handsome hunk. Don’t believe us, well here’s what our research shows :

Physically both actors score the same in Awesomeness :

Ben Affleck Biceps 17 inches And Rana 16 Inches

Ben Affleck Weight 216 lbs And Rana 209 lbs

Ben Affleck Chest 44 Inches And Rana 44 Inches

Ben Affleck Height 6 ft 3 in or 192 cm And Rana 6 ft 3 in or 192 cms

Ben Affleck Talents

Now let’s get into why he’d make the perfect Batman for The Dawn Of Justice

Voice Which Speaks Courage  : Ben Affleck’s created the electronic modulated voice for Batman in Dawn Of Justice (Scene of ‘Do You Bleed’ ) matches perfectly to what Rana says half way through Bahubali- The Beginning ( Scene of ‘Pathos Of Devasena’ )

Do You Bleed Pathos Of Devasena

Pumping Up For Their Role : Ben Affleck underwent incredible hours of training sessions to pump himself for the role of Batman as did our own Rana Daggubati for Bahubali as is apparent from the below pics


Millionaire and Philanthropist : As Ben makes it count driving his Bently across LA, our own Rana has the swag to carry off anything classy, rich and suave. Because he is classy, rich and suave. Simple.


FaceCuts To Die For : Just look below and you’ll know why everything makes perfect sense.

Rana benaffleck

So we rest our case. We’d love to hear your take on it though.


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