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20 Rare Pics Of KCR & Co As TRS Party Is Celebrating Their 20 Years Of Journey Today


Rebel, Revolution ane words nundi puttina party Telangana Rashtra Samithi. April 27, 2001 lo Kalvakuntla Chandrashekar Rao Who is current chief minister ee party ki foundation vesaru. Telugu Desam Party lo successful politician ga unna time lo Deputy Speaker post ki resign chesi TRS part ni start chesaru. Appati nundi party motto, slogan okkate Separate Telangana state. TRS party motto, slogans vinna other political parties tho patu common public ki kuda idi assala possible eh na? Anna doubts vacchindi.

Cut chesthe 20 years taruvatha TRS party ni ruling lo pettdame kadu vallu single minded ga focus chesina Telangana State ni sadincharu. Politics pakka petti chusthe idi oka historical factor in our Telugu states ani chepocchu. Avunu united ga unna Andhra Pradesh separate avtundi evaru anukoledu..it happened and TRS with the help of Telangana people, activists, students and Government employes and organisations villa journey lo major role play chesayi.

And Monna April 27,2001 ki 20 years complete chesukunna TRS appudu unna Covid-19 protocola and situations valla celebrations postpone chesukundhi..and they are doing it now…

So villa 20 years journey lo some rare and mile moments ee rare gallery dwara chuseddam…

1. KCR In Old Meeting

2. KCR Rare Image With is Party Workers

3. KCR In Old Meeting

4. KCR & Harish Rao Rare Image Of Going On A Road Tour

5. KCR Rare Moment With Ramanaidu & Chandrababu Naidu

6. KCR Rare Moment With Venkatesh & Chandrababu Naidu

7. KCR Old Pic Addressing Public

8. KCR in Deeksha During Telangana Movement

9. KCR With TDP Leader Chandrababu Naidu, CPI Leader Narayana, CPM Leader B.V. Raghavulu

10. KCR with his wife and daughter Kavitha and SOn KTR Rare Pic

11. KCR Arrested During Telangana Movement

12. KCR With Professor Jayashnakar during Telangana Movement

13. KCR With LAte Tamilnadu CM Karunanidhi & Nara Chandrababu Naidu during Third Front Alliance In National Politics

14. KCR With YS Rajasekhar Reddy On Same Stage

15. TRS Leaders With KTR During Telangana Movement Protests

16. KCR During Long Hunger Strike Protest For Separate Telangana

17. KCR With YS Jagan

18. KCR With Actor & TDP Leader Nandamuri Balakrishna

19. KCR Writing Letter To Sonia Gandhi After Telangana State Formation

20. KCR During His First Oath As Telangana Chief Minister

Bonus: Rare Pic of KCR During His College Days