RC & Tarak Set New Style Quotient With These 20 Outfits They Wore During RRR Promotions

Finally RRR Movie Is All Set To Release On March 25th…and movie tickets racha kuda start aipoindi. SS Rajamouli movie ela tishtaro movie promotions kuda ade range lo chestharu. Present RRR promotions kuda ade range lo chestunnaru and ee promotions lo Tarak-Charan & SSRajamouli la bromance tho movie loi kavalsina promotions tho hype full ga occhesindi.

Promotions pakkana pedithe…ee promotions kosam mana Charan and Tarak customized RRR outfits and swanky outfits inko major highlight ani chepocchu. Jr NTR emo plain shirts and formal looks lo kanipisthe Ram Charan emo some stylish shirts, t-shirts and joggers lanti different swank outfits tho new style quotient set chestunnaru.

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