9 Re-release Telugu Movies And Their Day 1 Gross

9 Re-release Telugu Movies And Their Day 1 Gross

Tollywood has started a new trend of releasing the most successful Telugu movies once again to celebrate at the Box Office. In this trend of re-releases, we are experiencing the euphoria of the past. And today, we are going to list the re-release movies which made more money on their first day of re-release

List of highest-grossing Tollywood re-release movies collection Worldwide – Day 1

Rank 1: Simhadri

Simhadri created an all-time record for re-release movies in the USA. It collected over 5 crores with 1000+ shows all over the world.

Simhadri Day 1 Gross Worldwide: 5.2 Cr

Shows: 1000+


Rank 2: Kushi

Kushi one of the most beautiful and celebrated movies in the history of Telugu cinema, has collected more than 4 crores.

Kushi Day 1 Gross Worldwide: 4.15 Cr

Shows: 700+


Rank 3: Jalsa

Jalsa grossed over 3 crores with more than 600 shows all over the world.

Jalsa Day 1 Gross Worldwide: 3.20 Cr

Shows: 600+

9 Re-release Telugu Movies And Their Day 1 Gross


Rank 4: Okkadu

The re-release trend started with Mahesh Babu. We can say Mahesh Babu is the trendsetter of the re-releases.

Okkadu Day 1 Gross Worldwide: 2.1 Cr

Shows: 600+


Rank 5: Pokiri

The movie that made Mahesh the Superstar of Indian cinema. The movie broke every existing record in Telugu cinema then. It collected more than 1.5 cr in its re-release.

Pokiri Day 1 Gross Worldwide: 1.7 Cr


Rank 6: Orange

The movie failed big time in the past, but now it was a huge hit in the re-release, the way the audience embraced this movie in the re-release is just pure magic.

Orange Day 1 Gross Worldwide: 1.6 Cr


Rank 7: Desamuduru

Icon Star’s stylish entertainer Desamuduru got a huge response in its re-release. Desamuduru played a key role in Allu Arjun’s career and made him reach the masses.

Desamuduru Day 1 Gross Worldwide: 1.50 Cr

Rank 8: Chennakesava Reddy

A movie that makes every Nandamuri fan proud.
Chennakesava Reddy Day 1 Gross Worldwide: 1.10 Cr

9 Re-release Telugu Movies And Their Day 1 Gross

Rank 9: Billa

The stylish don has conquered the box office in its re-release.
Billa Day 1 Gross Worldwide: 1.5 Cr

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