The Real Meaning Behind Heart Emojis We Use In Daily Life Will Make You Say ‘Awnaaa Nijamaaaa’

Chatting lo chala mandi words kante emojis use cheyyadam mamule kani aa emojis true meaning telikundane pampinchestuntam mukyamga heart emojis aithe different colours untai so asalki ee different coloured heart emojis meaning ento telsukundama…

1) Red Heart Emoji

It means love and passion.

1 Red Heart Emoji2) Orange Heart Emoji

It symbolises friendship and care.

2 Orange3) Yellow Heart Emoji

This emoji means happiness and optimism.

3 Yellow4) Green Heart Emoji

Well, not for greenery or stuff. A green heart means a jealous heart.

4 Green Emoji5) Blue Heart Emoji

It speaks about loyalty and confidence in other people.

5 Blue6) Purple Heart Emoji

It expresses physical attraction towards someone.

6 Purple7) Black Heart Emoji

It represents both grief or dark humour.

7 Black Emoji

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