Reasons To Justify Why You Should Always Keep A Print Your Memories


Eppudanna mana life lo important occasions jaruguthunnapudu, ledha manam emanna places chudaniki vellinappudu… don’t you think taking photographs during those special moments is also an important thing? Ah tharvatha vatini print cheskuni save cheskunte entha bavuntayo kadha? Here are a few reasons why you should always print your memories!

  1. The happiness you get while looking at the pictures which are taken ages ago!:

Reasons To Justify

“Nenu chinnapudu ila unnana?” “Naku 2 years unnapudu manam family tho e trip ki vellema?” ani ippudu chuskunte ah happiness, ah excitement eh veru!

  1. When you get your captured moments printed, they create a story:

Reasons To Justify

Manam okkasari oka particular moment ni capture chesthe that is not only capturing something with a camera but also we are having a story in our mind. Manam eppudu ah picture chusina…ah moment antha manaki mind lo rewind avthu untundhi.

  1. You can spend some quality time with your friends and family by looking at those pictures!:

Reasons To Justify

When you sit with your friends and family with a photo album of your baby pictures, it lets everyone dive into that moment. You will have something to share with your friends and ave konni beautiful moments ga maracchu.

  1. Because it makes your house, a cosier place called home:

Reasons To Justify

Meeru oka restless mood lo undi day antha work chesi intiki vacchina tharvatha, bed meedha padukunappudu ah photos chusthe you feel relaxed. Ah moments anni gurthu thecchukuntu…you can feel very comfortable!

  1. You never know when technology might fall:

Reasons To Justify

When you save your pictures in a folder…avi mee knowledge lekunda delete aypovacchu. Compulsory delete aypothay ani nenu cheppanu kani there might be a chance of pictures getting deleted kadha? kani printed photographs ki meeru frame cheyinchi unchukunte they will never go missing!

  1. Printed photographs are the best kind of gifts you can ever give to a close one:

Reasons To Justify


It’s something that speaks a thousand words without making a sound. Meeru pictures ni gift chesinappudu…valla kallalo kanapade happiness ni eppudanna observe chesara?

  1. They also make great DIYs for your personal space:

Reasons To Justify

Now for once if you think about it, you can make your personal space a beautiful corner filled with a thousand memories of a lifetime. That’s the kind of DIYs I would always choose over any other thing.

So ippudu selfies, photos chala common aypoyay kani capture cheskunna photographs entha mandhi hard copies ga marusthunnaru? How many people are converting them into a decent framed picture? Just do that and make your important moments memorable. Hope you enjoyed reading this article.