8 Reasons why school friends will always occupy a special place


The first place where we meet new people and bond without knowing we are actually making friends, is school. We meet our first set of friends there. Without any sorts of expectations, we bond and instant fun begins simultaneously at school. As we grow up, we continue to keep a set of them in constant touch and thus they become our first batch of school friends. They will always remain as those special friends in our lives with whom we share all our stuff.

Just to be short, let’s look at those reasons why having school friends are always special!!

They will come to your rescue without a second thoughtschool friends

At any point of time, be it when you break up or you need money to booze with your girlfriend, when you are in hospital due to emergency or any such situation, school friends are more than happy to come forward.

Since it is from childhood, your bond is sometimes greater than familyschool friends

Obviously, for some of us, we have bonded with our school friend better than with our brothers and sisters. So these guys will be remembered

They are your first partners in any crime!!school friends

Any mischief in our childhood, we start with them.

They are your best guides in every aspect!school friends

Since they know you from childhood, they will never go wrong in guiding you the right way.

Ego problems hardly exist between School friends!!school friends

This is hardly an issue most of the time. It is always about not giving a call or not meeting up regularly.

It is with them you have your best of the memories!!school friends

The best memories we always recollect to tell out girlfriends or the new friends in out lives will always be from the school memory diary!

Irrespective of a boy or girl, they become your best love-gurus!7 - love gurus

You can discuss with them openly anything and everything. And according to your behaviour, they will also become your love gurus gradually.

The question of money never comes between school friends!8 - money

Money issues might come with any friends but not school friends.

I am sure you would have more reasons to add. Please go ahead mentioning them in the comments section below.