4 Reasons Why Soups Should Be Your Best Friend This Monsoon!

Monsoon sure brings in a lot of joy and happiness. But, the rains are also often associated with several viruses or bacteria. So, you need to consume more foods which will build your immunity and also give you an ease from the cold. This is when humble soups come into the picture. They are easy-to-make, healthy and boost your immunity system.
Here are 4 benefits of eating soups regularly.

1.Provides you with warmth

1 Soups Are The Best Food For MonsoonsSoups are comforting and provide your body with quite the warmth. A bowl of hot soup increases your body temperature and helps to maintain it. Therefore, hot soups are often a staple food in hilly areas where the temperatures fall below minus.

2.Weight Loss

2 Soups Are The Best Food For MonsoonsSoups are extremely rich in nutrients and low in calories. They aid in weight loss and since are cooked with vegetables and meat, they also provide your body with important nutrients. Filling, they keep you full for a long time and stop you from binge eating.

3.Vitamins and Minerals

3 Soups Are The Best Food For MonsoonsOne of the greatest advantages of eating a bowl of soup is that it is a powerhouse of minerals and vitamins. While cooking the vegetables or the might lose some of their nutrients. But soup truly preserves all the nutrients of the ingredients used. Hence, it is the healthiest way to include more vegetables to your diet.

4.Fights Common Cold

4 Soups Are The Best Food For MonsoonsThe rains bring in common cold and flu with them. People tend to fall sick frequently in this weather. But a bowl of hot soup can help you with that. It gets rid of the common cold and also soothes the dry throat.

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