Recalling Magadheera with just a few days left for the release of Baahubali


Magadheera is a film that has changed the course of Telugu cinema at its time. The movie had a completely interesting plot followed with other aspects that hit to perfection. Ippatiki this film is everyone’s favorite, despite having many others come up.

Here are a few interesting facts about this film.

1. Magadheera is the costliest film made during those days. It was Allu Aravind’s trust on the director that made him put up all the money.1-Allu-Aravind

2. Magadheera is the only film released in over 1250 theatres during those days which is huge. Earlier big budget films used to be released in 700 screens.2-magadheera-theater

3. Vijayendra Prasad had written a story titled ‘Jagadeka Veerudu’ with Krishna as hero. The project never materialized. Rajamouli did small changes to it and finally made it as Magadheera.3.Vijayendra-Prasad

4. Rajamouli held a photo shoot and explained the entire characterization along with story to Kajal in 45 minutes.4.-Rajamouli

5. The villain of the film, Dev Gill was always scared of horses until he had his thought-changing ride in RFC during the shoot of the film.5.Dev-Gill

6. The film was delivered and set to release by the VFX team only when it was 24 hours remaining for the release.6.-VFX-team

7. The hero and the heroine do not touch each other in the entire Panchadaara Bomma Song until the end of it. The video is taken in way that the magic prevails without physical contact.7-Panchadara-Bomma-Song

8. Ali made his appearance in the film for a short time but however it got trimmed.8-Actor-Ali

9. the movie grabbed 9 Nandi awards, 2 National awards, 10 Filmfare awards, 13 Cine MAA awards, 10 Southscope awards and 9 Santhosham awards which has been huge.9.-the-movie-grabbed