9 Interesting Trivia & Records Of Attarintiki Daredi Movie As PK’s Industry Hit Celebrates 9 Years

Attarintiki Daredi – Pawan Kalyan career lo one of the biggest hit and Bahubali mundu varaku Highest gross Telugu movie of all time kuda. Release ki mundu half of the movie piracy occhindi…cinema flop anukunnaru, evaru theater ki vellaru anukunnaru antha. Kani cut chesthe cinema ki hit talk ravadam, theaters ani audience tho housefull aipovadam jarigayi piracy occhaka kuda.

Eeroju ki Attarintiki Daredi movie release ayyi 9 years and here are some Records & Interesting Facts About Attarintiki Daredi Movie

1. Trivikram Narrated A Story Line Through A Call To PK & He Said Ok

Ee movie story Trivikram garu Pawan Kalyan ki oka just phone call lo chepthe vini oka chesesaranta. Ekkado foreign shooting lo unna Kalyan garu ee story antha ready aina time ki Atta role evaru chestunnaru ani oka question adigaru anta..Nadhiya ani cheppagane he is double convinced anta.

2. Ileana was the first for Samantha’s Role

Ika oka maradalu character aina Samantha role ki Ileana ni anukunnaru anta. Already Jalsa movie lo Pawan pakkana act chesina ileana aithe set anukunnaru anta. Kani dates issue valla Samantha ni approach ayyi tanani pick chesukunnaru which worked out well. Pranitha Susbhas was the second heroine character in the movie.

3. Pawan Kalyan himself went for the location scouting

Pawan himself searched for new locations in Spain as the story demanded a foreign location. Around 30 to 45 days of shooting was planned there. It was the first time Kalyan went for a location hunt & returned in the last week of December 2012

4. Anchor Anasuya Was Offered ‘It’s Time To Party’ Song But She Refused

Ee song lo first Anasuya ni anukunnaru kani thanani approach aiyyaka she rejected it. Then makers roped in Mumtaz from Kushi movie and Hamsa Nandini for the song which worked out well.

5. Nadhiya & Trivikram funny fight on Sets

Trivikram used to laugh a lot while prompting Telugu dialogues to Nadhiya. She complained to Pawan about Trivikram and said ‘I can’t do the scene if Trivikram is there on sets. Then Pawan took over the charge and sent me out and he directed the whole scene. Trivikram used to come after the shot and confirmed it later.

6. Awards C/0 Attarintiki Daredi

2013 year lo release aina Attarintiki Daredi movie box office tho patu awards kuda kottindi. 61st Filmfare awards lo 4 awards of Best entertainer, Film Director & Best Music Director awards. 2013 SIIMA lo 6 awards of Best Film, Director, Best Actress, Cinematographer, Music Director, Best Fights win ayyayi.

2013 Nandi Awards lo 4 Nandis for Best Feature Film, Best Supporting Actress, Best Music Director, Best Dialogue Writer occhayi.

7. Movie was remade in 3 languages

Attarintiki Daredi was remade into Kannada as Ranna Kich Sudeep played the lead role , In Tamil as Vantha Rajavathaan Varuven Simbu played the lead role and In Bengali as Abhimaan.

8. Most liked, most viewed teaser & trailer at the time of release

Attarintiki Daredi teaser fetched ohits and about 9,000 likes thus setting a record for any Telugu video uploaded on YouTube at that time. And Attarintiki Daredi trailer was the first telugu trailer to hit 1,004,850 Views & 11,000 Likes in 70 hours of release.

9. Highest grossed telugu movie of all time at the time release

Attarintiki Daredi grossed rupees 187 crore (equivalent to ₹270 crore 2020) in its lifetime. It was later surpassed by Baahubali: The Beginning (2015) as the highest grossing Telugu film of all time

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