Reebok Pumps It Up Quite Literally..Run To Reveal Sneakers..!!

Reebok just made running instantly rewarding. Last weekend in Stockholm, the brand put up an outdoor ad equipped with a built-in speed cam and tracking technology to measure pedestrians’ pace. Anyone who ran past the ad faster than 17 kilometers per hour (about 10.5 miles per hour) unlocked a brand new pair of ZPump 2.0 shoes.

rbk 2We have no idea how fast 17 kph really is, but this kind of thing is clearly perfect for riling up a crowd of people. “We really like the idea of taking a classic billboard and turning it into something disruptive and unique,” says Markus Schramm, creative at ad agency Animal, which devised the stunt. “This gives customers an instant experience, and as a brand, we’re able to provide something of real value.”

rbk 1“For us at Reebok, it’s important to do things for real and to actually activate the target group,” adds Filip Lagerbäck, PR and social manager at Reebok Nordic. “We want to inspire people to run and push their limits, even when they’re not at the gym. That’s what our tagline ‘Be More Human’ is all about.”

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