8 Relationship Lessons That Mahesh Babu And Namrata Shirodkar Gave Us


Koffee with Karan show lo Rana ni Karan, couple which define couple goals ani adigithe. Very next minute Rana alochinchakunda cheppina answer Namrata-Mahesh Babu ani. Because they are just made for each other annatu ga untaru, Mahesh movie projects and remunerations, call sheets and other advertisements ki related anni Namrata personal manager la ea chusthadi anta idi swayanga Mahesh ea cheppadu.

Idi okkate kadu most of the times ee iddaru okari gurinchi okaru chepkovadame kadu Mahesh Superstar success image venaka Namrata dhi major role anadam lo elanti sandeham ledu. And also ee adorable couple give us major couple goals together avento once chuseddam.

1. Mahesh is a star kid, Namrata isn’t:

Mahesh Babu And Namrata Shirodkar

Mahesh is a star kid Mahesh was Super star Krishna gari koduku.. But the background differences couldn’t stop from they getting married together.

2.They are married for 14 years now :

Mahesh Babu And Namrata Shirodkar

They-are-married first three years of marriage were difficult for them ani Namrata gaaru okka interview lo cheparu.. Kaani despite all odds they together became one nuclear unit and worked on their relation… we all can learn this lesson from them.

3. Family more important to Mahesh:

Mahesh Babu And Namrata Shirodkar

Family-more-important Namrata gaaru in an interview said that for Mahesh, family is more important than any other… How Sweet.!

4.The couple that laughs together stays together:

Mahesh Babu And Namrata Shirodkar

The-couple-that-laughs Valliddaru chala situations lo lite moments share chestu kanpadaru either between them or with kids… Happy family 🙂

5. She appreciates him:

Mahesh Babu And Namrata Shirodkar

5.She-appreciates-him Namrata gaaru all the time is seen praising her husband.. Aavida enta happy gaa unnaro aa appreciation lone tellsipotundi.

6. Vacations and family time !

Mahesh Babu And Namrata Shirodkar

Instead of being busy with movies, shooting and other filmy events Mahesh schedule a time for Namrata. Mahesh and Namrata always loves to celebrate festivals together, and they go for vacations with Gautham and Sitara.

7. Namrata backing Mahesh

Mahesh Babu And Namrata Shirodkar

Oka vaipu movies tho busy ga busy ga unde Mahesh call sheets, remunerations inka other things Namrata ea chustundi. Recent ga Mahesh inaugurate chesina AMB cinemas business kuda mottham Namrata ea chuskutundi.

8. Above all they share relationship goals with us

Mahesh Babu And Namrata Shirodkar

Ee madhya Instagram lo Namrata and Mahesh pedthunna posts aithe definitely give us a couple and relationship goals for sure.

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