Reliance To Infosys: Top 10 Most Profitable Indian Companies From 2021-2022

2021-2022 Financial Year Lo India Lo Most Profits Earn Chesina Companies Tisukoni Top 10 Most Profitable Indian Companies In 2021-2022 ni announce chesaru. Pandemic taruvatha Indian Companies anni huge profits ni chusayi…Indulo Private Ltd companies aina Reliance top profits gain chesthe TCS and Infosys lanti IT Companies kuda unnayi.

Here take a look Top 10 Most Profitable Indian Companies with the total revenues and profits they earn in In 2021-2022

1. Reliance Industries

Revenue: Rs 7,21,634 Crores
Total Profit: Rs 60,705 Crores


Revenue: Rs 5,40,663.39 Crores
Total Profit: Rs 45,522.11 Crores

3. Tata Steel

Revenue: Rs 2,43,761 Crores
Total Profit: Rs 40,154 Crores

4. Tata Consultancy Service ( TCS )

Revenue: Rs 1,91,754 Crores
Total Profit: Rs 38,327 Crores

5. HDFC Bank Ltd

Revenue: Rs 1,67,695 Crores
Total Profit: Rs 38,053 Crores

6. State Bank Of India

Revenue: Rs 4,06,973 Crores
Total Profit: Rs 34,546 Crores

7. ICICI Bank

Revenue: Rs 1,61,037 Crores
Total Profit: Rs 25,110 Crores

8. Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.

Revenue: Rs 5,93,653 Crores
Total Profit: Rs 25,102 Crores

9. HDFC – Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited (HDFC)

Revenue: Rs 1,35,968 Crores
Total Profit: Rs 22,594 Crores

10. Infosys

Revenue: Rs 1,23,936 Crores
Total Profit: Rs 22,110 Crores

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