Remember the Delivery Boy turned Author? He’s back with a bang.


Remember the FlipKart delivery boy turned Author Arun Bhimavarapu? ( After topping the lists with two unique novels – After That Day I Never Saw Her Again ( and My Nightingale ( that differed vastly in their plots and genres, he’s back with yet another intriguing tale – Sambhavami (

It’s a novel about five astronauts who were sent into the space by ISRO in the year 2070, in search of God, to which the blurb goes like this:author

‘She knew the energy that spoke to her… was God…Yet she despised her atheistic ego from getting hurt. He might be the almighty himself, but every living being still had the option to choose. Shabana still had the option to choose. But she can’t disregard the power he possessed. He just committed a brutal murder.’ Thus begins Arun Bhimavarapu’s chilling novel, Sambhavami. On March 31st 2070, ISRO sends a team of five valiant astronauts, into the outer space on a suicide mission, in search of God, to plead him to save the dying Earth. Based on ancient mythological events and recent technological triumphs, Arun’s novel races from Earth into The River, then into love, friendship, pain, kindness, gluttony and deep back into every human heart, with a climax that will leave the reader

On top of this nerve tickling gist, the author also recently released a motion poster that would definitely give you some bumps. Watch it from the link below.

We know once you were done watching, you would be searching for a link to order. So here it goes – We are sure you too are gonna love this one hell of a read. And they do your part by passing it on… coz good books deserve it.