These Foreign Youtubers Going Mad Over RRR Will Give You Goosebumps

Foreigners after watching RRR be like: I have found religion and it’s RRR

Asalki Indian movies ne chudani vaallu ippudu oke okka Indian movie ni non-stop ga repeats lo chustunnaru. Foreigners are just going mad about RRR. Just enjoy cheyyadam kaadu, RRR gurinchi vaallu matlade matalu, vaalu iche elevations vintunte goosebumps guaranteed. And inka ekkuva mandiki RRR reach avvali ani konni famous and prestigious youtube channels RRR meedha kick-ass youtube videos chestunnai, recent ga ‘Accented Cinema’ ane youtube channel – RRR meedha chesina video chuste almost tears vachei, mana cinema gurinchi ala matladuthune. Thank you foreigners for loving RRR the way you do.

And inka Oscar okkate pending please Jakkanna and RRR team and the Indian panel of Oscars, this is our time, hit the ball out of the park, correct ga marketing chesukogaligithe we can bring the Oscar to our Telugu land.

Back to the topic we’re discussing earlier, ivala konni foreign youtube channels RRR meedha chesina amazing videos mee kosam.

1. – Top 10 Best Moments From RRR

2. Accented Cinema – The Importance of RRR

3. Patrick (H) Willems – RRR – The Biggest Blockbuster You’ve Never Heard Of

4. Cineflect – RRR | One of the Most Entertaining Movies I Have Ever Seen

5. Corridor Crew – VFX Artists React to TOLLYWOOD Bad and Great CGi

6. Americans Review RRR!!!

7. Flaccid Phoenix – IS RRR THE FUTURE OF CINEMA?

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