Seasonal Fruits You Should Try In Winter

Contributed By: Meher Manasa

With winters chilling our feet and never letting us get out of our sweaters and socks, with winters come colorful fruits into the market that make for a very healthy diet upon including them. Here is a list of five seasonal winter fruits one must eat :

Oranges: These beautiful fruits or bundle of Vitamin C and fiber is fantastic for skin and helps boost immunity and digestive power of the gut gets better with all the fiber intake. Although winter is not the only season when Oranges are available for us to consume, the ones we get during winters are especially sweet and worth it all…

OrangesStrawberries: With winter, blooms these beautiful looking berries with their bright red color populating the field for an amazing treat to the eye. Loaded with Vitamin C and Anti-Oxidants that make up for essential vitamins during winters give another reason to gobble them all up.

StrawberriesCustard Apples: Also known as seethaphal is a very sweet fruit available during winters which can be very tiring to consume all thanks to the million seeds it is loaded with. But doesn’t the amazing taste make up for it? Well, the taste is not the only reason why one must consume these, they contain Vitamin B6 and the fiber content helps in much smoother digestion.

Custard Apples:Star Fruit: Not very famous, fruit but very healthy fruit that is harvested during the winters. The fruit, like its name, is a star in its shape and what it contains and provides. With sweet-sour taste, it can be a great add-on to the salads as well. The fruit’s shape makes for a very fun time for the kids to eat it all up.

Star FruitFigs: Dried figs are available throughout the year. While the fresh ones are harvested only during the winters they make for a great addition to your winter fruit diet. As for most of the fruits, even these gave a lot of fiber in them and a lot of minerals.

FigsLoad your body with high water and fiber content foods this winter and stay fit!
Happy Eating!
Stay Healthy!

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