11 Sindhi Dishes that are heavenly delicious


All Sindhis are complete foodies, don’t we all know that? We all have these friends in school getting these delicious dishes which have names which are like tongue twisters but actually taste very nice. Today I’ll tell you about some Sindhi dishes and I’m sure it’ll refresh some of our childhood memoriessindhi dishes1.Kadhi Chawal Aloo Tuksindhi dishes

Any Sindhi wedding is incomplete without this dish, in fact, it is a tradition in our weddings that the groom’s side has to send Kadhi Chawal to the bride’s side. The Kadhi is basically made of Toor dal (split pigeon peas), Besan (gram flour) with vegetables like French beans, potatoes, drumstick not to forget a seasoning of ginger, which is eaten with plain rice. Aloo Tuk is basically deep-fried potatoes seasoned with chilli powder and amchur powder. It makes for one hell of a dish!

2.Saibhaji Bhugachawalsindhi dishes

This one tongue-twister is actually very simple. It’s made with a variety of greens like palak(mostly) with dals and other vegetables and a seasoning of garlic. Bhugachawal is basically rice which has fried onions and seasoned with red chilli powder, coriander powder, and garam masala.

3.Kokisindhi dishes

It’s a royal breakfast dish of Sindhis. It consists of a paratha with onion, cumin seeds and a tinge of garlic ( of course with loads of ghee). It tastes best with yogurt.

4.Dodasindhi dishes

If you don’t want to feel hungry for the rest of the day, this is your dish to eat. It is made of jowar flour with cumin seeds and a tinge of garlic. It cannot be made by rolling it. It’s made by patting it into a flat base(a technique difficult to master). Like I said, it’s so heavy that if you eat this for breakfast you’re done with your meals for the rest of the day.

5.Bhee batalu And Plain Ricesindhi dishes

This yummy Kadhi has some unique ingredients like lotus stem (Bhee). The Kadhi is made with Bhee, Batalus (potatoes)in an onion-tomato-brinjal and greens gravy and a mix of spices. Addition of the Sindhi Wadi( urad dal dumplings) makes this tasty dish tastier.It tastes best with Plain white rice with ghee.

6.Vangan Batalu With Tayirisindhi dishes

This dish is basically made with a Kadhi of Vangan(brinjal), batalu(potatoes) in a gravy of onion and tomato, of course with spices. Tayiri is basically sweet rice which has dry fruits like almonds, cashew, raisins and kesar and of course loads of ghee. This is one cracker of a dish which will appeal to anyone with a sweet tooth

7.Dharun Ji Kadhi With Rotissindhi dishes

Steamed and fried rolls of besan(dharun) with chopped onions and tomato gravy and spices, is the curry part of the dish. This tastes best with chappatis.

8.Dal Tikda/ Dal Pakwaan8 Sindhi Dishes That Are Heavenly Delicious

Chana dal(Bengal gram) cooked with Haldi(turmeric), spices and garnished with chopped onions and tamarind chutney is eaten with pakwaan which is flat, crunchy puri made with a dough of maida and cumin seeds. This is another royal Sindhi breakfast dish.

9.Besan Jo Chilro9 Sindhi Dishes That Are Heavenly Delicious

It’s a pancake of besan, onion, cumin seeds and coriander. It’s very easy and quick to make and is the perfect solution to the 4 o’clock food cravings.

10.Das karela10 Sindhi Dishes That Are Heavenly Delicious

It is a dish made of salted karela (bitter gourd ) with a stuffing of crushed onion and spices. The specialty of this dish is that it’s tied to a thread so that all the flavors seep into the bitter gourd. It is after the mixture is secured properly that it is fried. This dish is complete when eaten with dal tadka and rotis.

11.Chana dal cutlets11 Sindhi Dishes That Are Heavenly Delicious

We have many varieties of cutlets but not to forget the famous Sindhi cutlets. Aloo cutlets are stuffed with cooked chana dal and spices and then shallow fried. This is eaten with green chutney or it tastes good with ketchup as well. This is another dish exchanged during weddings; the bride’s family prepares this dish and sends it to the groom’s house.

I’m sure these mouth-watering dishes must have made you hungry! Just writing about these dishes made me want to gorge overall this food again! Now I’m sure we know why all Sindhis are foodies. With such amazing dishes to eat, who wouldn’t be!