5 Snacks You Should Definitely Have At Every House Party

If you are planning on hosting a party for at your house, then you must be thinking of appetizers, and starters, they are absolutely essential for any party, whether you’re hosting a big party, or planning on having a small get together with your friends. We have made a list of some snacks which you should have at your House Party.

Cheese Balls

CHEESE BALLSA quick and easy to make snack, cheese balls are delicious, making them perfect for any party, the balls should be crunchy on the outside, and should be loaded with cheese on the inside.

French fries

French friesNo party is complete without the inclusion of French fries, these crispy fries are loved by everyone, French fries are a must-have at any house party, and they can be easily made at home, you can make them in large batches and preserve them and have them whenever you like.


MomosWho doesn’t love Momos? They have become some of the most popular snacks, and for good reason, originating from East India, Momos are delicious and easy to make, the filling can be meat or vegetables, Momos are served with a spicy tomato chutney, which has a following of its own.

Honey Chili potatoes

Honey Chili potatoesOne of the most popular recipes, this Indo-Chinese appetizer is great to get any party or meal started. This Saucy and lip-smacking dish can be easily made and it will surely make your night much more memorable.

Veg Manchuria

Veg ManchuriaOne of the most popular Indian-Chinese recipes, veg Manchuria is a dish, which is enjoyed all over the world, making a great choice for your party, the balls are filled with vegetables and are crispy, and the sauce is a spicy, sweet and sour.


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