Snap chat addiction problems


1. Friend 1: “Naku akada icecream chaala ishtam. Please podham”
Friend 2: “ya lets eat.”
After Ordering,
Friend 2: “wait! Let me first update this on snapchat.”
Friend 1: “inka icecream taagu po!!!”12. **At a concer**
Friend 1: **Dancing**
Friend 2: **uploading snap stories**23. **Dog crossing a busy road**
Friend 1 **rushing to save the dog**
Friend 2: “Aagu..record on cheyyani.. apudu go and save it. Snap story lo andarki chupistha”
Friend 1 and dog both die 😛34. Friend 2: “I am soooooooooooo happpieeee”
Friend 1: “Ye???? Did you clear your entrance exam??”
Friend 2: “No abba! I unlocked new trophies on snapchat “
Friend 1: **Facepam**45. Friend 1: “Abba….enni days aini kada manam kalisi…”
Friend 2: “Ya…chaaala matladkovali manam!! But before that, one picture for my snap story”
**Clicks picture and all day long is busy with snapchat or selfies with that friend**
**At the end of the day**
Friend 2: “heyy…itu more picture!!”
**Caption: An awesome day full of rattling with my friend***56. No matter who you meet, you try to take selfies with the flters on snap chat or swap faces with them.5-17. Aakali vestunna kuda first mana meal snap chat lo pettu andari comments ki replies ichi apudu happy ga tinali.

8. Eh story pettina kuda..every 2 seconds ki entha mandi view chesaro chustu untam.

9. Battery bank kachitanga untadi with us.

10. Intha snap chat chesthe by mistake odhu ankunna photo kuda snap story laaga pettesi…full siggu padestham!!!