Soaked Almonds v/s Raw Almonds: Which Is Better?


Good skin, proper digestion, healthy hair, weight loss? If you are looking for any of these, then there is one simple answer to solve all these problems – Almonds.
Almonds contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and are a home to several benefits. They are an excellent source of fiber and keep constipation at bay. Promoters of healthy bacteria, they also help in digestion and in fighting diseases.

1 Soaked Almonds Vs Raw AlmondsAlmonds are also great for healthy hair and skin. They are loaded with healthy fats and are loaded with vitamins like vitamin A and E. These vitamins and healthy fats provide the skin and hair shine and glow. Several skin care and hair product brands also made creams, moisturizers, shampoos and serums enriched with almond essence or almond oil.

Almonds also promote weight loss. They have almost no calories and are also great as munching options. If you are craving for a snack, then avoid your chocolate chip cookies and eat a few almonds instead. Almonds are also known for maintaining cholesterol levels of the body. They naturally lower the LDL levels or bad cholesterol levels of the body.

Which is better? Soaked Almonds or Raw Almonds?

2 Soaked Almonds Vs Raw AlmondsAlmonds have been around us for a several years now. The mankind has been using them for at least 20,000 years. They were first cultivated in Iran and later in Afghanistan, Turkey and Europe. Its use was extensively spread to the Mediterranean and Asian regions too.
While Almonds are known for the plethora of benefits they offer, there is always a debate if soaked almonds are better than the raw ones. We often hear advices from our elders asking us to eat over night soaked almonds as the first thing in the morning.
Most youngsters don’t choose this as they are lazy to soak the nuts and also soaked almonds do not have the crunch the raw almonds have. But switching to soaked almonds is a healthier option and here’s why:

1.The almond skin has no nutrient benefits, it also prevent the benefits of almonds to reach your system. To avoid that you need to, peel the skin and eat the almonds.

3 Soaked Almonds Vs Raw Almonds2.Soaked almonds have certain enzymes which when released in the body, promote the digestive system.

3.They have several healthy fats, which are saturated and hence keep you full for a long time. This also means no junk food binge eating.

4 Soaked Almonds Vs Raw Almonds4.Also, rich in anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, they prevent heart diseases and a few types of cancer.

5.Eating soaked almonds every morning on empty stomach helps to fight the stubborn belly fight, and also provide energy and metabolism to the body.

Therefore, soaked almonds are better than raw almonds. A tiny step to shift to soaked almonds will have a lot of positive effect on your body and push you one step towards a healthy lifestyle.