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Some fierce & bold female roles in telugu films!


In Tollywood, where usually women portrayed as innocent, dependent and used only to add glamor to the screen, there are few films, in which women is strong, bold and independent. If we observe, the characters of prostitutes showed in the movies that released in the past one decade are powerful and fierce.

In the society, where the term prostitute is just used for some pleasure, few directors have shown beyond the flesh trade on the silver screen. They portrayed them as independent and stubborn. These filmmakers made us realize that a prostitute has more courage and guts than an ordinary girl. These particular characters are an inspiration for those ladies, who are still hopeless waiting for some help at brothels. Let’s have a look at those kind of bold characters in Tollywood films.

Jyothi LakshmiCharme Kaur gave an outstanding performance in the role of flesh trade in Puri Jagannadh’s Jyothi Lakshmi. The director showed her as an independent woman and how she completely transforms herself into powerful women towards the ending, will gives you goosebumps.

SarojaAnushka Shetty proved that she is the top actresses in the industry with this film. It reveals that they have beautiful hearts and that their aspirations are no different from other women in society.

PavitraIn the role of a prostitute, Shriya Saran’s acting critically acclaimed by everyone in and as Pavitra. Her attitude, dialogues and the way she enters into politics in this film are bold and independent. The director portrayed this kind of bold character in a whole new angle.

VijiIn Gautam Menon’s Sega, though Bindu Madhavi’s dare attempt as a prostitute is interesting. Though her role is minimal, it creates a huge impact. Gautam Menon portrayed her character as bold and beautiful.

DhanamSangeetha played an unconventional bold character in 2008 release film Dhanam. It is a bold venture that is certainly a relief from regular commercial masala movies. Although the movie did an average business at the Box Office, she received rave reviews for her acting.

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