Bengal Famine Of 1943: Some Gruesome Facts About One Of India’s Biggest Tragedy

Prapancham roju rojuki entha develop avtuna akali ane vishayam lo matram inka venakabade undi. Just only hunger valla prathi 10 sec ki okaru, prathi roju 16,000 and per year approximate ga 50 Lakh people chani[potunnaru anedi WHO stats cheputunna vishayam. Akali valla manushulu chanipotunnaru anedi manishi puttinappati nundi jaruguthunnadi…kani appatlo ee values inka ekkuvaga undevi ee madhya ee ratio taggindi ani stats chebuthunnayi.

Aithe India lo 1943 lo vacchina akali kastalu kadu akali chavulu valla appudu entho mandi chanipoyaru. History lo bengal lo jarigina hunger deats meedha ‘Bengal Famine of 1943’ ane oka page eh undi ante ardam cheskondi daani akali srustinchina baadhalu enno.

Here Are Some Shocking facts about ‘Bengal Famine of 1943’:

1. Estimated 1 to 4 Million hunger death happened:

The Great Bengal Famine caused the death of 1 Million to 4 Million poor Indians approximately. And all of them died only after no food and starvation for many days. Trucks used to clear the streets filled with dead bodies by British soldiers.

1 Bengal FamineReasons behind The Great Bengal Famine of 1943:

2. Population Increase & Flop Administration by Brisitshers:

From 1901 to 1941, Bengal’s population has increased from 40 Million to 60 Million after coastal development and british administration in bengal. Population surge and dependence on monsoon and absence of planned irrigation and of course, subsistence farming eventually turned Bengal into a famine situation.

4 Bengal Famine3. Water scarcity, land reforms & transportation methods by britishers led to disaster:

No proper maintenance of water supply, tube wells, rivers, water transportation through vehicles by Bristishers. And also new land reforms, poor transport system by britishers worsen the situation.

3 Bengal Famine4. Japan invasion of Burma:

Same time when Bengal is going through food scarcity, most of the Indians are shifted here from Burma. Because Japan started occupying Burma in 1942 and 43, in that chaos Indians shifted to here after no option left.

2 Bengal Famine5. Cyclones & Natural disasters caused the more damage:

The Seashore of Bay of Bengal caused a massive cyclone entered Bengal on 16th October. The landfall was in South 24 Parganas and Midnapore. It claimed the lives of 190,000 cattle and 14,500 lives. The cyclone was responsible for destruction of paddy stocks present with dealers, cultivators and consumers.

8 Bengal FamineAftermath of Famine:

6. Exploitation of poor women and trading poor girls to other countries:

Very next after famine Britishers and rich people showed their evil side and exploited women in every street, and sold many teenage girls and exported them to other countries. Parents used to sell their young daughters to the rich for some money or food. Girls were sold into brothels that eventually became their home as they were later not accepted.

6 Bengal Famine7. Feast to vultures, jacks & other animals:

With approx 2-3 million dead bodies in the span of one month the entire bengal turned into a graveyard. The dead bodies on streets became a feast for vultures and other animals.

7 Bengal Famine8. Water canals, freshwater lakes & sanitation of bengal was ruined:

The entire bengal state sanitation is broke down completely. Drinking water bodies were full of decomposing corpses. There was a scarcity of clean clothes caused by “cloth famine”. People drank from water bodies where others defecated or urinated. Hospitals were full of filth and there was no proper medical care.

5 Bengal Famine9. Churchill The Ruthless:

The 1943 Bengal Famine, which is often called as the Great Bengal Famine was engineered by Winston Churchill, the revered war Prime Minister of England. This ruthless britisher said “The famine is Indians’ fault because they Breed Like Rabbits. And he was well informed about the death toll but he replied “Then why hasn’t Gandhi died yet?”

9 Bengal Famine

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